Thursday, April 30, 2015


Our Nye Family Homestead 
Founded in 1675
 East Sandwich Massachusetts.

What a great looking fence surrounding our Homestead.

A Nye Family Reunion
That's my dad smiling so proudly! 
He's right center - middle row looking so handsome. I'm on his right with lime green blouse.
It was at Grange Hall that he presented his cattle brand.
 His brand is displayed in the Homestead.

 The Nye Family Museum and Homestead is open to the public. It filled with amazing history!
Nye Family Home Website~

This is a collage of my precious daddy, mother and my siblings.

I've a lump in my throat, tears in my eyes, yet my heart is full of the best memories ever.

My daddy passed away six years ago today.

He was one amazing and loving father to all of us.
Yes, I was Daddy's girl.
Three brothers made me tough though.
No worries, not spoiled one bit.

"If Roses grow in Heaven"

If Roses grow in Heaven
Lord, please pick a bunch for me.
Place them in my Father's arms
and tell him they're from me.

Tell him that I love him and miss him
and when he turns to smile,
place a kiss upon his cheek
and hold him for awhile.

Because remembering him is easy,
I do it every day,
but there's an ache within my heart
that will never go away.

Author: Kirsten Preus

Have a blessed day~

Joining Tex for her
Run Around Ranch Report

My dad loved being at the ranch, so it's fitting today to join in.
He loved riding around and checking fences!
Good Fences~

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Nancy's Notes Living- Entertaining

Nancy's Notes Living~


This is the first of a series of entertainment ideas, menus, centerpieces, table settings and much more! Yes, maybe even some funny stories! Do have them!

Okay, I'm in my Martha Stewart Mode, except I'll be Mini Martha~

Entertaining for me has always been exciting. The gulp  tiny amount of stress involved, that I totally put on myself, actually works for me. Action is a must and I have a blast every second of the way. I enjoy the planning, well the entire process!  For me, entertaining is like a new project, very exciting. Best part of the dashing around and getting ready for big day is....seriously, I can't tell you, because I love each step of the way!

I can truly say the time my hearts gets to beating is maybe right before guests arrive! Oh yes, feeling good and absolutely having the perfect outfit on is important. If I walk in the room and my husband says, " Wow" I know it's right! If he doesn't, I pout for a few and then get on with the last minute detail. Lights dimmed, oh a must is the perfect ambiance. Next, getting our pianist ready, yes, our faithful player piano is always on time! A must - you know! Check the hair, lipstick on!

Oh and then, a lovely part, Mr. Notes brings in a cocktail, there's a toast, enjoy a sip or two and then it happens, the doorbell rings. It's time to sparkle!

I have enjoyed having club meetings and serving brunch! Of course, some have been with several hostesses and some have been going solo! All fun~ Except the time I had some church ladies in for brunch and get this!! Okay, I used my silver coffee service and I don't use often, at all!  Okay, picture this, first cup of coffee is poured into a pretty little china cup and out comes, along in the coffee, a spider, truth be known, it was a scorpion! Thank goodness, it was a sweet and dear friend, who was calm, cool and very collected pouring the coffee and she just excused herself for second! Now, that's what friends are for!

Okay, another tidbit about me. I love roaming around in book stores.I’d rather spend time in them then go clothes shopping! The only other shopping I love is looking for awesome junk antiques, oh and shoes!

I’m drawn to decorating, entertaining and cookbooks most of the time, unless it's an light and easy read that is full of delightful self help  tips on life! I love books about organizing. Crazy! Anyhow, my kids know this too! One of  my favorite books was given to me by our son in 2005 for Mother's Day and I just love it!

Entertaining is to me is worth every minute!
It's creating, it's joy and sweet happiness, special times spent with family and friends.

Do you like to entertain?

Any special funny memories?

What was the biggest dinner party or event you have ever hosted?

Place setting for the evening of our 25th wedding anniversary~

 Entertaining is Exhilarating!

Come back and I'll share some great ideas and more that will make
you want to have someone over this weekend or even tonight!

Joining these great parties~

Wow Us Wednesday
Share Your Style~

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, April 27, 2015

It's Monday~ I'm Late!!

Wow, what a night! Thunder, lightening, rain and more tossing and turning! So, I ended up sleeping in! Just now having my Jolt cup of coffee and enjoying the sun peaking in and it's a glorious day! More rain is on's it way!

Okay, as some of you know, I am always playing with photographs and I've always wanted to be a part of Mosaic Monday! So, I'll share some of mine! I know I don't have to wait till a Monday party, but I love parties!

There's a  Partay?? Well, let's tell mom! So exciting!
Well, what are we waiting for ????

Ready for the PARTAY!~

What can I say....I LOVE YELLOW!!!

Took these shots of these cuties while out seeing them. 
Makes a walk so much more fun!

I took these pictures....ahem, just because!!! 

Was out early one morning and loved the bright blue sky and some visitors happened to fly in! 
Lucky me~

Just a few treasures I found out and about. I love that sweet lady with the bird on her little shoulder! 

These were taking from the deck of our beach condo last summer...
The views are always magical~

I was so enthralled with their beauty, got my trusty camera out! 
Theese gorgeous blooms were in a fresh flower arrangement that was sent to me!

Oh my, our London trip. 
Just a few of the many, many photographs! 

What a day!!!  
I'm tuckered out! 
Who needs a bed...falling asleep while playing is the best~

Come on over!

Friday, April 24, 2015

"Ranch Series" Reasons To Smile~

There's no place in the whole wide world better than being at the ranch~

Our family has been having heavenly times there since way before I was even born.

It's in Heart of Texas! 

It's in My Heart~

And many reasons to smile~

My mom watching over a project! She gets right in there! 
She is amazing at running the ranch!
Oh and she can hunt, fish, cook, name it, she does it!

I've had the ranch and this precious father of mine on my mind so much this past week. 
We lost my daddy this month six years ago. My heart aches to this day.
 Dad, oh my, he loved the ranch with all his heart and soul. 
 He was out there since he was born each and every weekend during his school years and in the summers would stay at the ranch. 
We miss him terribly, we see him everywhere on that ranch! 
His love shines down on every part of the ranch and on each one of us!

His first love was the ranch and his family!
Then when he was not at the ranch, he practiced law! 
Best lawyer ever! 

Here's Mom and my three brothers! 
(not at the ranch, am looking!)

Here we are at the ranch with our six grandchildren! 
What a bunch of characters!! 
( I think our son in law was doing cart wheels!)

 My sweet and happy daughters!

Mom loves being at the ranch! 

My son and my daughter in love...and my grandchildren!

Our two fun and oldest granddaughters!

 Our sweet granddaughter! The 4th oldest! Her sister is below.

 This little missy is our youngest granddaughter!

 Oh boy, our two grandsons! The oldest and the youngest!

 Got them all together, love it!

  As I was looking for pictures and oh my heavens, have thousands of them from the ranch, pulled up this old one. Four generations! 
Mom, me, our son and grandson!

Mom and our granddaughter watching the cowboys Round- Up!

Love this photograph. 
Love the cattle.
Love the reflections!

Hope you enjoyed the first installment of my 

"Ranch Series!"


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Good Fences - By The Light of the Silvery Moon~

I took this photograph at our ranch and I feel like this Song Title says it all. 
I like the way the light of the silvery moon shines down on the White Fence. 
A GOOD FENCE, indeed!


"By The Light of the Silvery Moon" or "By the Light of the Silv'ry Moon" is a popular song. The music was written by Gus Edwards, and the lyrics by Edward Madden. The song was published in 1909and first performed on stage by Lillian Lorraine. It was one of a series of moon-related Tin Pan Alley songs of the era. The song has been used in a great many television shows and motion pictures. A film of the same title was released in 1953, starring Doris Day. It served as a sequel to On Moonlight Bay, which also starred Doris Day.

Place park, scene dark, silvery moon is shining through the trees;
Cast two, me, you, sound of kisses floating on the breeze.
Act one, begun. Dialogue, "Where would you like to spoon?"
My cue, with you, underneath the silvery moon.
By the light of the silvery moon,
I want to spoon, to my honey I'll croon love's tune,
Honeymoon keep a-shining in June,
Your silvery beams will bring love dreams, we'll be cuddling soon,
By the silvery moon.
Act two, scene new, roses blooming all around the place;
Cast three, you, me, Preacher with a solemn looking face.
Choir sings, bell rings, Preacher: "You are wed for evermore."
Act two, all through, every night the same encore.
By the light, (By the light, By the light),
Of the silvery moon, (The silvery moon).
I want to spoon, (Want to spoon, Want to spoon)
To my honey I'll croon love's tune.
Honeymoon, (Honeymoon, Honeymoon),
Keep on shining in June. (Keep on shining in June)
Your silvery beams will bring love dreams,
We'll be cuddling soon,
By the silvery moon.
Your silvery beams will bring love dreams,
We'll be cuddling soon,
By the silvery moon. (The silvery moon).

I'm so happy to be joining my friend, Tex! Her weekly "Good Fences" party is wonderful! 


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Nancy's Notes Living~ Dining Room

Well, it's 1:21 am.  I tossed and turned enough! I was horribly uncomfortable, legs out of the covers, legs under the covers, one leg under, one leg out, one pillow, two pillows and then it happened. That little blinking light from the TV Cable box was annoying me to no end. So, a pillow was gently propped up to stop that flickering that was keeping me awake. Ahem...then the telephone light was blinking with messages that I don't check, all telemarketers and so another pillow over that light. By this time I'm checking my Iphone. Do you do that in the middle of the night? Why do I check the news, and FB and my blog and the weather? By this time I decided to count sheep, I started back at one, one to many times!! Okay, I gently roll out of bed, not to wake Mr. Notes and think to myself, a nice warm bath might do the trick. Then I had a better idea, work on a blog post! 

A Dark Thirty Post.... 

Thank goodness I took the photographs yesterday! Of course I'm a history buff, started googling too! I have some interesting history to share too. 

So welcome to my 2nd Issue of 

Martha Stewart Living 

Nancy's Notes Living 

Dining Room Issue~

Last week Music Room Issue- Click here for Music Room Post~

Looking in from the Foyer. 

 This chandelier will go with us if we ever move, A new purchase soon after we moved in.
Of course, it'll be an heirloom!

 This arrangement was my mother's.
Was on her Dining Room Table for quite some time.
 I saw that the arrangement was ready to be stored or pitched or given away.
Oh my, I instantly wanted it!
It's Vintage and it was my mother's!
It needs a little more work,
I love it! 

 The sun was shining bright yesterday morning, truly beautiful sight!
What a glorious day after the huge hail storm night before last.

I love this silver tray.
I bought this at a fabulous Pre-View Party  the night before a huge 3 day garage sale!
I ran for it!
I keep in on the dining room table even when not in use, it's too large to store.
I like it here, What do you think?

China Cabinet 

 This mirror is one of my favorite pieces ever! We bought this large mirror for our foyer for our home in Austin, I was determined it would fit in our new home. 

 This photograph is looking in from our kitchen.

I usually have candles or some sort of decor on the table around the centerpiece, decided the other day, I like it this way!

I felt like a real photographer, was kneeling and then on one knee and had the camera at an angle!
It's easy to become obsessed!!! I know you know.

I'll be joining these great events~

Have a Happy Week! 

Okay, here's the at your leisure! 

Short History of the Dining Room By 

As more people found a place at the table, the concern became that of finding a place for the table
Silver for the Dining Room9
For the first time in my adult life, I have a something approaching a dining room. Accustomed to eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner on a breakfast bar, coffee table, or some other makeshift means of support, I find myself strangely delighted by the idea of sitting down each evening at a table that seats four in a space reserved only for eating. For one, meal time is easier. (There’s no better way to test your coordination and patience than carving a turkey that’s perched atop a folding table.) I’d say having a dining room makes me a fully fledged grown-up, were it not for the fact that I still rent. Precarity is Neverland.
Yet even in centuries past dining rooms were something of a novelty. Only the wealthy had them. The bulk of humanity, meanwhile, spent most of history wriggling, with varying success, toward the same distinction.
Silver for the Dining Room8
The Greeks were among the first to recognize that eating in secluded comfort reinforced status and class cohesion. Elite men of the most powerful poleis gathered on fragrant evenings in rooms especially designed for feasting. These rooms accommodated no more than eleven couches of stone or wood, each of which in turn accommodated no more than two men. Youths sat on the ground. Young and old alike quaffed diluted wine and munched honey cakes and chestnuts — all fuel for ribald and learned discussions of matters philosophical and romantic.
Silver for the Dining Room6
Ancient Romans similarly took their meals in a special room called a triclinium, whose couches had evolved to accommodate women as well as men. Whim and the season determined their location. In the stifling Mediterranean summers they were chosen for their ability to catch breezes; in winter, to block drafts. Some of them might offer a view of the sea; others, vast plains. The Romans sometimes even set up their dining rooms outdoors in order to enjoy al fresco their swallow’s tongues and other delicacies. The most luxurious dining spaces bred ease and amazement in equal measure.Triclinia in Pompeii featured fountains from which water splashed and streamed from each table. Guests of one Loreius Tiburtinus plucked tidbits from large basins in rooms bearing brightly painted images of mythological figures.
Silver for the Dining Room5
Such vivid appointments obscured a dark reality. A well-to-do Roman household could include as many as 400 slaves, who did everything from choosing menus to arranging and presenting parting gifts to guests. In all activities grace was the watchword. The slightest faux pas invited brutal punishment.If, writes historian Roy Strong, “game was underdone or the fish poorly seasoned the cook (who actually ranked fairly high in the slave hierarchy) would be stripped and beaten.” Strong relates an instance during a dinner given by a friend of the Emperor Augustus. A cupbearer broke a crystal goblet. For this offense he had his hands cut off and hung from his neck. He was then forced to parade among the diners, and thereafter thrown alive in a fish pond as food for lampreys.
Silver for the Dining Room3
A bit kinder than their Roman forebears, medieval men and women presided over meals altogether less violent. Yet what they gained in civility they lost in comfort. Even the most powerful lords, though they might surround themselves with lush tapestries and lovingly crafted pastries packed with everything from magpies to midgets, ate in drafty, smoke-filled halls. “Magnificence there was, with some rude attempt at taste,” notes Sir Walter Scott of this era: “but of comfort there was little, and, being unknown, it was unmissed.”
Silver for the Dining Room7
Comfort grew with increased trade, and with it changed notions of home and hearth. Parlors, “dining chambers,” and other spaces amenable to dining began appearing in architecture plans. Each nation seemed to have its own idea as to what constituted a proper dining room. The great Renaissance architect Leon Battista Alberti wrote that it “should be entered off the bosom of the house,” advising further that, “[a]s use demands, there should be [a dining room] for summer, one for winter, and one for middling seasons.” Some two centuries later Englishman William Sanderson would recommend that a “Dyning-Roome” be hung with pictures of kings and queens.
Silver for the Dining Room2
For all the talk of appointments fit for royalty, perfection of the dining room came only with the rise of a middle class. Between 1350 and 1560 people began to eat and live better, thanks in part to greater availability of meat and dairy products in the wake of the Black Death, and to the development of a market economy. Where meat and milk abounded labor was scarce. Pay went up as a result. In some parts of England, for example, laborers saw their wages grow four or fivefold in just a few years. The workers of Cuxham Manor in Oxfordshire went from earning two shillings a week in 1347 to more than 10 shillings a week three years later.
Silver for the Dining Room
With higher wages came increased consumption of goods, among them furniture and cooking utensils. In time there developed a culture peculiar to the newly affluent. One of this culture’s hallmarks, the dining room offered a place where family members could discretely enjoy each others’ company. As such, it reflected what Italian theorist Mario Praz callsStimmung, a German word that denotes the sense of intimacy and personal character evoked by a room’s arrangement and decor.
Silver for the Dining Room 4
Victorians would take Stimmung to an often unbelievably cluttered extreme. They spent lavishly on their dining rooms, outfitting them with upholstered chairs, mahogany sideboards, pewter jugs, bone china, linen napkins and tablecloths, and silver cutlery. They read architectural guides and kitchen utensil catalogs as thick as phonebooks. Mealtime for them was an event, and they staged the satisfaction of their appetites in surroundings as comfortable as they could afford. Why they did so is the subject of the second part of this history.

(funny how the photograph above is crooked!)