Monday, April 30, 2012


In Loving Memory...
September 23, 1922 ~ April 30, 2009

Dear Daddy,
There are no words that can truly express how much I miss you.

You are always in my heart and mind.

I ache to get one of your big huge hugs..
always so strong and loving.
I ache to hear your voice...
I miss you sweet daddy.

Till we meet again....

All my love, 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

While Away....

Yes, while away....

We had three special grandchildren celebrate birthdays! 
Since I intend to make books out of my blogs...
I could not let these special birthdays go by with out posting about them!

One was in March and that celebration was for our granddaughter that turned four! 

Our little four year old is 
Reagan Caroline!
She was four in March.
She is just as darling as one could be and has eyes as blue as the sea!
Her little personality just shines!
She's one cuddly, loveable and precious little one.
 Her eyes sparkle when she laughs, she is lively, spunky, vivacious and smart as a whip! 
And I must say, and not because I'm her Nana...
She is as pretty as a picture and what a bundle of energy!
Oh my, not enough words to say about her curls wrapped in her ribbons and bows...
Did I mention, she loves to play with her dollies?
Oh, but not as much as she loves to play with her
big sis and baby brother!
She's a real sweetheart~

 What a granddaughter!


Our first little grandson that is not little anymore turned 14 this year!
Grayson Boone!

Oh my, what a boy!
A boy that loves adventures and is at the height of happiness out at the ranch...
the same love his daddy has for it...
A beautiful thing!

He's now a lad, big and strong like his dad.
As sweet a boy to still love hugs from his Mom..
And his Nana!

He plays football, basketball, baseball, on the swim team and now plays Lacrosse!
He's a great student, great son and great grandson and oh my, the best big brother...
 to the next granddaughter that just had a birthday yesterday!

 What can I say, our Grayson is just an amazing mixture of sweet, tough and oh so smart.
 There is a reason boy rhymes with joy!


Was the Captain of his team-

What a grandson!


Our next granddaughter just turned 12, just yesterday!
Oh what an sweet girl with a heart of gold!
Catherine Reilly is our...
All American Girl!
 She can be as dainty as a flower in her pretty dress and as mighty a girl on the Volley ball court!
She's a swimmer like her brother Grayson!
Yes, their Mom and Dad have made it to a gazillion swim meets!
She can hit and she can run and can keep up with her brother, his buds and all of her buds!
Oh and did I mention, she's an outdoor girl and loves the country too!
Her cheeks show that she has been, yes, kissed by the sun...
A real beauty..
Inside and Out!

What a granddaughter!


Last but not least!

Our daughter in law, but daughter in our hearts!


She has the same birthday as I do!

April 8th!

She is truly a sweetheart, the best daughter, the best mom, the best of everything!

Did I mention...
She's gorgeous, talented and has a heart bigger than Texas!

We love you Holly!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Hooray, I'm Ready to Blog Again!!!!!!

Hello dear bloggers! 

I think I'm out of  my big stinking rut! 
I'm ready to start to blog again!


The time recovering from my "pacemaker implant" took me longer than I imagined it would.  
I'll admit, it sort of knocked me into a big funk.

That older than dirt feeling at 59!
 Have you ever felt that way? Hope not.

I'm thankful that painful and down feeling passed....

Now "60" and feel younger than springtime!

While I was away from the great wonderful world of blogging...

Let's see, I did quite a bit of

Soul searching...



I did have more than the blasted rut going on in my life.
(helped with the funk) 

Fun family more about these cutie pies!

A trip out East to get together with some of the best girlfriends ever!
Eileen from NY.
 Karen from NC.
Kim from WA.

 What a fabulous weekend!

~Easter Blessings, more later on this beautiful day!


My 60th birthday!
Yes, on the same day-

I'll show you how big the "60" was!!!


Oh my heavens, now that's a lot of pictures that they found! Don't look too close!
Thanks to my kids that put that together!

Oh, what a celebration, made me cry at all they had done to prepare for my 60th!
Then I had the best time I've ever had at a party...
I mean...
 in my whole life!
No kidding!
(Don't ask!)

From L to R.  Son and his wife, the 60 year old, Daughter, Daughter and her husband.
I can say, wow, you kids know how to throw a party!
Yes, they took so many pictures...OH MY, DID THEY! 

Need to scoot-

I'll be back!!!

Off to check and see what's going on in your world!