Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Spring Bedroom Redo~

Well, I didn't get back to my mantel decor...sigh. Next time you may see it with different flowers, those you saw on last mantel showing were fresh! Okay, I'm not sure how to insert a link to last post. I'm learning new things each day. I'm not sure I could ever find out how to be as creative as so many of you all! Okay, the the misting of fairy dust to pop up with every word. wow! So many interesting features out there in blogland, it's fascinating!

Okay, I got carried away.

Since my mantel is not the subject for today, I'll post a few pictures of my blue room that is taking on a new look. I changed out the bedding from Laura Ashley wine floral bedding to Ralph Lauren blue and white floral bedding. Thanks to the Home Store! I've added a touch of yellow, like the contrast. It's interesting, the walls look yellow, they are so not. The are off white. Suppose it's that wonderful bright sun peeking in! Well, the guest room is a work in progress. Need some art work up on the walls and who knows what!

Hoppy Tuesday...
On that bunny trail and soon it'll be Easter! 
Wasn't it just Christmas??

Join us over at a great party, Marty is a wonderful hostess!
I was a lucky and was asked to host for her one day and featured some of my decor!
Yes, Marty was off vacationing in Hawaii~
What a treat!

Inspire Me Tuesday

Monday, March 30, 2015

My Five Minute Mantel Decor!

My Five Minute Mantel Decor!

Yes, I decided to dress up my plain mantel this morning! Yes, sad to say, I had not put one thing on it since we just moved in. Now, how long can I really say, just moved in??? 

We moved in the last of October...Ekk! Oh, but I had Thanksgiving and Christmas decor on the Mantel!That counts. Okay, I'm saying this entire first few months of 2015- No mantel decor! Heaven forbid!! I've just been just hanging out and looking at the darn thing and yes, all the while resting after three hospital stays. Okay, I forgive myself. So, started blogging again and that inspired me to get off my patootie and grab this and grab that and poof, my Five Minute Mantel decor! Trust me...it was grab and place and shoot! 

And not one Easter decoration! What's with that? 

I'll be back soon and I hope you'll see a difference!! (I'll have my DH get that box of stuff that is somewhere and that has not been opened yet! Remember, we just moved. Really may happen. Then again, may be a nothing happening Monday! 

 I'll be back! 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Good early morning!

I've been up for hours and when I saw that it was close to 5:00 am, I hopped out of bed. Not really hopped since I just was released from the hospital last Wednesday, but wanted to hop! Soon!

Today will be a great day, kids and grands are coming over. Always fun and it's always a house full of laughter, game playing and maybe some little scientists will want to experiment in the kitchen! This move still makes my heart pitter patter.....well, need to get the pitter pattering to work properly!

Since I decided to start blogging again, I went blank this morning! What to blog about? Home, kids, decor, basketball, gardening, so many choices! For today, I'm going to have to leave it at this!

Want to see my big and little munchkins?  Took this photograph right after our move!

Have a glorious Palm Sunday~

Friday, March 27, 2015

This Makes Me Happy!

Hello to my sweet blogging friends!

Okay, I've missed my trusty camera that is so forgiving, the writing, the posting and most of all, all of you wonderful blogging friends. 

I've been out of sight and you have certainly not been out of my mind. 

In between a move and dealing with some health issues, I can say that thankful that I'M BACK! I've found out that this blogging thing makes me happy! I love my blogging friends,what can be better than this? I'm to be taking it easy and the best way to do it is to just sit for awhile, relax and blog to my heart's content. 

Oh my gosh, since I last posted, we have moved and we now live in an area that is heavily wooded, I'm talking trees! Big ones! I'm so tickled, I do feel like I live in the middle of a forest...my own forest! And the biggest change has been we live near our grown children and grandchildren. Pure bliss. 

It's early spring time in my neck of the woods...I'll let you take a peek, like some of the flowers, many are just now wanting to come out to play!

So, welcome, sweet friends! 

 My tulips greeting you with a Spring Time hello! 

 Oh my, azaleas, but not my azaleas! Shh..I borrowed them for a shot. Mine are not quite sure about this spring time thing. 
I've always wondered what it would be like to live in a forest and wooded lands where flowers bloom! 
I live where azaleas grow! 
Be still my heart....yikes, better not say that! Okay, pinch me! 

 Walking trails - a slice of heaven...

 Walking in this tunnel of trees, it's an amazing feeling being surrounded by trees and green things! 

 Street heading to our home...Trees...lots of trees! 

 My first magnolia tree~ who knew!

 My neighbor's flowers...some people borrow milk, I just take pictures of their pretty flowers! 

 Blooming something. Remember I'm new here, so many things in my forest are new to me. If you know the names, do tell!

Blank on this little pretty thing. If it turns out to be an azaleas, I'm going to scream with total abandon! 

 I know, but can't remember..(hospital drugs lingering)

 This pretty thing is in a pot and I do know, but again, brain fog.

 Love- Knock out roses! They are everywhere!

 Look at these beauties! Yes, I borrowed them too. They are huge!

Okay, here's where I'll be when it gets a tad bit warmer! I'll take a spring break first. 

Drop in for a little visit! We can go for a walk, in the woods and borrow a few flowers!
Be well! ( I've been to Walgreen Pharmacy, I think too much...have you? 
If so, you do hear this!)

Happy weekend to all~