Friday, February 24, 2012

New Bedroom Decor...

I just had to share my great finds! Four of them!
I've been looking for prints for one of our guest rooms for such a long time.  
I'll hang them in the "Gills" room. 
Granddaughter says, the room is just for "Gills!"

I am crazy about all of the little precious details in these prints!

Isn't this the sweetest? Love the little striped dress and blue pinafore!

Crazy about this little pink and purple dress, oh and the hat...
Just precious.

Oh my, loving the polka dots! See the little ladybug?
Just too cute!

I think this little shawl and flowered little hat are adorable!

Just thought I'd let you take a peek before I put them up.
Then I'll show you what all I've done...
In the 
"Gills" room!"

You know where I got these adorable prints?
Tuesday Morning!

I'll be taking a little blog break~

I'll be back soon!

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Could Be Almost Vintage!

This is my Crewel Embroidery project that I created back in the early 70's.   

It was my artsy crafty time...
now I blog~
My mother and grandmother have made so many wonderful crewel projects. 
It was watching them make their beautiful projects that sparked an interest in me to try it this form of art.

I can say, I was into all sorts crafts years ago. 
 Remember when macrame was the thing? 
Well, maybe you don't!

I'm just crazy about my favorite and biggest crewel project! 
Yes, it took me forever to make!
You can't tell by looking, but it's about 4' X 3' in size!

A bit of information about Crewel work for you. 

Crewel work is a decorative form of surface embroidery using a variety of different embroidery stitches to follow a design outline applied to the fabric. 

The technique is at least a thousand years old. No, not me!

Many different embroidery stitches are used in crewelwork to create a textured and colorful effect. Unlike silk or cotton embroidery threads, crewel wool is thicker and creates a raised, dimensional feel to the work. Some of the techniques and stitches include: stem stitch, chain stitch and split stitch, satin stitches to create flat, filled areas within a design. Seed stitches are applied randomly in an area to give a lightly shaded effect and French knots are commonly used in floral and fruit motifs for additional texture.

Crewel embroidery was, in the past, embroidered to create elaborate and expensive bed hangings and curtains. Now it is most often used to decorate cushions, curtains, clothing and wall hangings.

Unlike canvas work, crewel embroidery requires the use of an embroidery hoop or frame on which the material is stretched taut and secured prior to stitching. This ensures an even amount of tension in the stitches, so that designs do not become distorted. Although nowadays, crewel and free embroidery is generally executed with a small portable hoop, early embroidery was executed on large free standing frames. Such free standing frames were common parlor furniture in most homes.

This information is found on the link below.

Have a great day!

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our Memories of Pebble Beach

Today, we will tune in for the last round at Pebble Beach for the National Pro-Am. What a treat! Our times playing golf at Pebble Beach makes this golf tournament extra special.

We can talk about our memories, our incredible times and our shots, good and bad! Remembering the times on the first hole and all the while, I was praying, don't really know if my husband was, probably not! I was always nervous Nellie on that first hole. Oh dear, while my knees were knocking I would pray that I would not whiff the ball in front of all those people that were watching! Just thinking of all of those that stood in that same spot and heard their names being called and hearing my name being called, was almost too much! What a thrill! Having my own caddie was absolutely awesome and terrifying at the same time!  Golf is at its worldwide best at Pebble Beach.

I know that my husband and I cherish our times playing golf there. The best times of our lives were at Pebble Beach. Truly playing the most exciting course, walking and relishing walking in the footsteps of golf’s greatest names is something that we will both forever cherish.

We would go in April and celebrate my birthday there. We always would request the same room that overlooked 18th hole. Be still my heart, what beautiful and incredible memories we have of our times spent there. We are so thankful for those times. 

Today we relive our memories.

They will forever be memories since we do not play golf anymore. My husband had a stroke five years ago at the age of 57.  He is much better today, however his right side was affected and he is not able to play anymore.  We have our memories now. I can say that for the first several years he would not watch golf. Now, we do enjoy watching the courses we were blessed to play on TV.  It was truly the love of the game and the love of playing golf together that makes those times extra special.

Those wonderful times will be etched in our minds forever and ever~
I truly do NOT believe his golfing days are over! He has grit and determination, one day, I'll post about another golfing outing! I have this visual! I'm praying hard.

If you want to watch some great golf and see some of the best views ever, tune in today!

Starts soon, better scoot!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Come On Over....Cocktails and Dinner

Yes,  A Dark Thirty Tablescape!
 Best time to be creative is when sleeping is not in the cards! 


Oh my, Mr. Notes must not wake... 
He would certainly and seriously think...

she's NUTS  in her glory again! 

Table is set-
Maybe I'll get him to grill steaks tonight. 

I love being spontaneous!

Let's grill tonight! 

I'm crazy about this guy when he's grilling steaks! 
This Texas gal loves a good steak! 
I think it' one of his best looks!! 

He is the grilling master. Don't these look scrumptious? 

Dinner is at 7:00! 
Shhh....I'll convince him....
No worries.

Please join us! 

Cocktails at 6:00


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cherished Vintage Pieces..

Just had to share a couple of "Wow" vintage pieces with you today! 

I have a love for this pitcher below! 
I so love it's charm and I love the gorgeous tulips, especially the purple ones!

  This wonderful HOTOVEN HARKER POTTERY Pitcher
is absolutely one of my favorite pieces~


This Sebring Pottery piece below is one of my dearest and prized possessions! 
It's one of my first pieces of vintage pottery...

To me, it's priceless!
I love the tiny flowers, they are so delicate and the colors are simply beautiful.

For more information about this pottery... check out this link
Sebring Pottery Company

I'm joining Savvy Southern Style
Wow Us Wednesday! 

Have a great day!


Monday, February 6, 2012

Chicks With Knitting Sticks...

I love to knit~

My youngest daughter and I learned how to knit together about seven years ago and we had such fun. Went out and bought the essentials, a book, some sticks/needles and some yarn. 

We were excited and ready to knit! If I remember correctly, I read the instructions and she stitched, then I watched her, very intently and tried to do the same thing... Oh, so thankful she is patient.

We did it, we actually learned how to knit. Yes, it took me longer than it took my daughter! Oh, so thankful she is patient.

Yes, and I'll admit, my earliest attempts were a disaster. If you know how to know, you understand the dreaded drop stitch. If you don't knit, don't ask! Yes, yarn would tangle. I'd forget to count rows. I would hold things too tight or too loose. I'd start on the back instead of the front...(Oh, so thankful she is patient)

I can proudly say after sticking to it...I know the very basics of knitting.

I've made baby blankets, scarves, and three toddler ponchos, one adult poncho and baby hat! Oh a baby hat, never again. Not me. It was adorable, but wow, it was a tad bit difficult for this beginner. I still can't believe I did it and did not have to use glue. I enjoy easy to follow instructions. No bells and whistles. I still consider myself a beginner and not a purly pro!

These are just a few of the knitting books that have helped me express my creativity. Through the years, I've needed every kind of stitch doctor's guide out there. I was always looking for easy fixin' tricks.

Below are some of my favorite (yes, necessary) books followed by some things in my fun knitting bags. The fun is getting ready and making sure you have all that it takes to sit down and be creative! 

I'll also show you a couple of finished projects too.  I'll show you more projects when I find photographs of them. I really would love to show them to you. I'm quite proud!

Baby Blanket...

Baby Blanket

Love these scarves, would love to knit all of them!

Just started a scarf~
 Thank you sweetie for being so patient, I'm forever thankful!

I do hope to finish this scarf before next fall!
Blogging sort of puts a crimp into my knitting time!

So, how many of you enjoy knitting?

I'm joining

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sweet Dreams...

"Oh Sugar, it's hard to believe it's already February. It's time for me to cut back your roses! I love doing that for you!"

"Oh Danny, it's hard to believe it's February. It's not even cold, wet and gray outside, but it is suppose to be."
"I know, Sugar, it seems like we just celebrated Christmas."

"Oh Danny, I'm crazy about February! Oh, how I love the scent of flowers, candles burning and yes chocolates! That is my mental picture of February."

"Sugar, that's nice, that is what I think of too!"

Oh Danny, I'm so excited, it's not long until Valentine's Day!"

"Sugar, it is just two weeks away."

"Oh Danny, I want to celebrate Valentine's day in a big way this year!"

"Sugar, I've been thinking the same thing, sweetheart!"

"Oh Danny, I can't wait."

"Sugar, you know that I love going out to dinner on Valentine's day, there's never a crowd and it's always so romantic."

"Oh Danny, darling, where should we go?"

"Sugar, I'll take care of everything, don't you worry"

" Danny, you are just the best!"

"Sugar, I'll make our reservations and I think I'd like to have a limo take us down to the lake. There's a new restaurant that I think we should try. I hear that they have a wonderful pianist, that should be so romantic! I'll see if we can get their best table by the window! They have fireworks that evening too, I know you'll love that, darling!"

"Oh Danny, I'll have to go shopping, I have nothing to wear!"

"Sugar, I know. I think you should get some new shoes too!"

"Oh Danny, this is going to be the best Valentine's day ever!"

"Sugar, sweetheart, darling, I know!"

 "Danny, dreams really do come true..."

 "Yes Sugar. Shh, now shut your eyes and go back to sleep."


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Friday, February 3, 2012

My Quiet Friends...

I took a stroll outside yesterday morning (cabin fever was setting in!) and had a satisfying little visit with my quiet friends...the sweet floral kind. They are true blue! Here they are blooming for me and making me smile. They make me proud...

I'll be happy when spring comes along, that is when "all" of my quiet friends come out to see me. They are so very it. 

Nothing blooming, only a dependable little smile...

 The wonderful scent of these gardenia blooms are just...
well, yummy! 
You think I need go head in and have some breakfast!

These little yellow mums are trying their best to bloom again! When they were cut back, oh my gosh, they threw a hissy fit!
They are thanking me now!

This pot of flowers has been making me proud for about three years! Has not ever stopped blooming! 
You talk about faithful flowers, amazing friends!

Now, I'm so proud of this one. 
I was told it needed to be taken out a year ago. 
Hold on, NOT so fast! Look at those blooms!

These two just keep keep on impressing me, they live together in such harmony...too cute. 

My most faithful and blooming friend~

How are your quiet friends doing on this awesome February day?