Saturday, January 15, 2011

A First!

Happy 'First" Birthday 

 to our grandson-

Garrett Michael~

After a rough start when you were've made up for it and are so happy, healthy, cute, adorable and full of what little boys are made of!

Now that we have loved, played and cuddled you for a whole year today~

We can hardly believe the miracle that God sent our way.

You are our "One Year Old" blessing today!

Happy Birthday sweet Garrett!

We love you~

Nana and Pop

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another Birthday...


Mr. M. does not like his photograph taken. 

I should say, he does not like to smile when he has a camera looking at him. 

It really became very apparent when I went to look for one of him smiling.

Why he dodges the camera is beyond me because he is...

So handsome-
So cute-
So personable-

So extraordinary-
So special-
So my husband!

And he is 61 years old today and older than me, still- I try not to remind him often.

Oh yes, he was so delighted to find out I blogged about him and added his photograph, to boot! 

Sorry Sweetie, It's  my blog!

You can start a blog and pay me back any time!

My favorite photograph of you, yes, it's you grilling (before we moved) and you did not know I had the camera! It was a snap!! 
Aha! Gotcha!

I could post one of you not smiling- I still have time! 

Okay, I'll be kind~

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Love you!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's Birthday Time!

 Happy Birthday Sweet Ellie!

I can't believe you are "5" today!

You are such a sweet and happy little girl!

You are such a very precious little granddaughter and we love you so much!

Nana and Pop

(Can't wait till your "Big Birthday Party" on Saturday!!)


Happy "15th" Birthday Sweet Taylor!

Pinch me, you are 15!!!!!

Taylor, you are such a sweetheart with a heart of gold!  And yes, as smart as they come and Nana and Pop think you are the greatest first granddaughter anyone could ever, ever have! 

Oh sweetie, what a fun celebration we had last November! At that time, we were in the midst of our move and did not get to blog about it then, so here we go!

Look at you, 15 and just so beautiful! 
We love you!
Nana and Pop

Oh my, these girls just melt my heart!


Monday, January 3, 2011

Hibiscus Blooms in January

A couple of mornings ago and in our mild January weather, I found my hibiscus plant just blooming away!

I decided to let you take a peek...

I'm really thrilled! These are my very first hibiscus plants and they made the move quite well, even in a huge moving van. The movers were not too happy with moving the huge and heavy pots, but they did! I was happy. I am just so tickled to see all of these blooms! Aren't they gorgeous?

I'll be back soon, am really working hard on my header! I'm not a professional, but I love a challenge! Have to admit, I'm having fun. It just may take me awhile!

Have a great week!