Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm "Almost Back"!

I've almost forgotten how to post!

I'll be back very soon, missing my blogging friends!

I know you all have been blogging your hearts out, all the while I have been having fun with our three grandchildren and their parents-they have been visiting us from Atlanta for some time. They moved into their beautiful new home this past week and oh my, our home is so very quiet now. We are thankful they moved in just a short distance away~ No more long trips to Atlanta! I can drop in and get my dose of hugs and kisses whenever I want! What a deal!

We just returned from a short trip- oh the glory of being at that age, we can come and go as we please!  A close friend told me the other day...isn't it nice to have your kids grown and on their own...

Why yes~ that is what we are suppose to have done, give them wings!

Yes, you know, we are all free to do what we want, that comes with age, why does it have to be when we are getting up there in years and can't stand on our heads? I miss doing that, did it till I was...ahem, won't tell.

Tell me what you miss!

I'll never be old, of course not, our grandchildren keep us young! I almost did a somersault the other day, then decided that was not a good idea. Watch out...

Take care out there!