Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Special Antique, A Treasure...


I can't say anything more important about this Antique Apothecary Cabinet than it belonged to...
My precious Daddy~

A Treasure Beyond Measure.

My Dad had three of them and used them in his law office for bookshelves. I an now so blessed to have one. Dad purchased the three antique apothecary cabinets from a pharmacist who was going to retire and close his pharmacy back in the early 60's. 

This is representative of any drug store or pharmacy cabinet that would typically be found along Main Street USA during from the 1900's through the 1930's.
 We have the cabinet in a place of prominence in our family room behind the bar. I's now a shelf for crystal, mug collection, glasses, wine and such.

It was made for that exact place! There was an antique bar piece that the previous owners had there, they took it with them. Not knowing what to do at first, my dear Mom thought about Dad's bookshelf that was in storage! The other two are at my brother's office.  So out of storage it came, and with a small adjustment by a carpenter, it fit beautifully. What a blessing~

It's a piece I will treasure and cherish forever. It's so satisfying to look at it daily, I know Dad knows it is here.

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Have a great week!


Monday, March 28, 2011

Today Is A Big Day!!

It's Grayson's 13th Birthday!!

Woo Hoo!!
Happy 13th Birthday!!

Look at you!

Can it really be? Are you really 13?
A teenager!

My sweetest and oldest grandson, the one that makes my heart melt, the one that keeps on growing and growing and has passed me up!

Can it really be? Are you really 13?

I sit in amazement that the time has gone so fast.

Just want you to know...

You are such a sweet and terrific grandson.

You are so smart, you are so caring, 
and you are the best at all you to do-
I am truly amazed at all you do!
Swim team-
A great student!

Look at you, so tall and handsome and that smile, just is so sweet and precious.

Can it really be? Are you really 13?
A teenager!

Can is be? Are you taller than your daddy? Or is it the slope?
Look at you, so towering over your sweet and precious Mommy and sister! 

Can it really be? Are you really 13?
 A teenager!

Happy Birthday Grayson!

You make us happy and so proud.

We love you so much~

Nana and Pop

Thursday, March 24, 2011


For those of you that don't know, our daughter, husband and their three little ones were with us a short while until they moved into their new home last month. It's was fun time for us and a huge treat! 

 Our cutie pies~

 The little ones kept our lives happy and bright each and every day! Thank goodness they live nearby now.

Oh my, grandchildren say the most amusing things, don't they? (This is an understatement.)

Since my husband watches the news in our bedroom sitting area, he walked in to the kitchen one day and our three year old granddaughter said " What are you doing here Pop?" He said, " I live here!" "OH."

One day I was leaving to go to lunch with friends and our four year old granddaughter looked astonished and said, " You mean you have friends too?  "Why, of course sweetie!"
I got it-
When we would visit them in Atlanta, we always spent our time with them, and when they came to see us, we always spent time with them and family!

 4 year old granddaughter:  "Nana, It think you dress like a man."
Me: "Gulp, oh my, why do you think that?"
 4 year old granddaughter:  "Well, you always wear black and brown and you never wear pink!"
(Got it, pink must be added to my wardrobe.)

"Nana, are you going somewhere?"
"No, why do you ask?"
"Because you look so pretty!"

One evening my husband and I were going out to dinner and we both must have come out looking really nice because our four year old granddaughter said,  "Are you all going to a Ball?"

Soon after her little play Elmo phone snapped back and hurt her hand, the 3 year old said, " Elmo hurt me!"

I miss...

The wake up taps I would get at 6:00 a.m.  and the eagerness to play before daylight.

The middle of the night, "let's play Nana."

The non-stop activity and chatter, I mean... non-stop! 

I miss the Tea Parties and playing outside making mud pies...

I  miss two of the cutest Sous Chefs ever~ 

I still can't believe that they live just a few minutes away now!

That's all for now. 

Oh wait, wait! Our son, daughter in law and grandkids just returned from a spring break ski trip, just got this photograph and many more, don't you just love email??

Aww, I love this family photograph of them on the slopes in Breckenridge.

Happy Spring!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My home... and more.

Good Morning out there!

I'm sitting here having a cup of coffee.

I'm sitting here reading your posts.

I'm sitting here reading looking at a new book.

It's called Organized Now~

I'm thinking I should be getting my home organized.

I think about it daily often.

While I was wondering around Home Depo looking for things that I really stuff needed...for the house, yard etc. I whirled around and almost knocked someone over walked back to that section where the magazines and books are parked in the store.

The book really caught my eye.

I picked up the book.

It looked, it's now in the basket with all of my other stuff necessary things.

I'll admit, I've only read the outer cover-

Yes, yes, I so know...
Clutter has a cost. 
It steals your storage space.
Robs your time.
Yada, Yada, Yada. 
Takes away the peace and beauty of your home.
Yes, it's practical advice, but

get this.

I'm suppose to organize my mind FIRST.
My mind...that will take some time.

Will go sit and organize my mind...

and have another cuppa.

Now really, is your mind organized?? I was trying to get my home organized and now, it's my mind that has to be organized first.

Who knew?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Amazing Church In London

This incredible church in London has some family history that dates back to
June 10, 1639~

St. Dunstan's, Stepney

St Dunstan's Stepney is an Anglican Church which stands on a site which has been used for Christian worship for over a thousand years. 
It is located in Stepney High Street, in Stepney, London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

London Church Registers record the marriage of our ancestors, 
 Thomas Nye and Katherine Hunter on June 10th 1639,
 at St. Dunstan's, Stepney.
(I'll have the exact generation today)

We were in London in 2005 and at that time, If I had done this research, we could have attended services there! We attended services at Westminster Abby, what an experience! We also went  to St. Pauls Cathedral and St. Martin in the Fields Church.

Denomination : Church of England

In about AD 952 the Bishop of London — who is also Lord of the Manor of Stepney — replaced the existing wooden structure with a stone church dedicated to All the saints. In 1029, when Dunstan was canonised, the church was rededicated to St Dunstan and All Saints, a dedication it has retained.

Up until the early 14th century the church served the whole of Middlesex east of the City of London. Then new churches were built at Whitechapel and Bow. The existing building is the third on the site and was built of Kentish ragstone mainly in the 15th century (although the chancel dates from 200 years earlier). A porch and octagonal parish room were added in 1872.


The ring of ten bells, the heaviest weighing 28.3 Hundredweight, which hang in the belfry were cast at the local Whitechapel Bell Foundry and are tuned to C#. The seven oldest bells were recast by Thomas Mears and Son, Whitechapel, in 1806. Three were recast in 1952 when repairs were made to the tower[1]. The bells are mentioned in the nursery rhyme Oranges and Lemons "When will that be, say the bells of Stepney"


The church is surrounded by a churchyard of nearly seven acres (28,000 m²). In the 17th century the churchyard was enlarged to cope with the massive number of deaths during the Great Plague of London. In one eighteen month period 6,583 died, with 154 being buried in one day in September 1665.

The church has a long traditional link with the sea and many sailors were buried here. It was once known as the 'Church of the High Seas', and until quite recently births, marriages and deaths at sea were registered here.

Current activities of the church

The Church continues to be open to visitors and worshippers from all over the world.
There is an active congregation who help to continue the life of the church community. As well as the Arbour Youth Center (which is owned and run by the parish) there is a close connection with two schools; Stepney Greencoat Church of England Primary School and Sir John Cass and Redcoat Church of England Secondary School.

I love genealogy~

Friday, March 18, 2011

Faithful Blooming Plants - What a Joy!

To my amazement, these pots filled with different blooming plants just keep on giving and giving! 

They have seen some rough days-

They endured an 18-wheeler moving van ride all through Texas-

They perked right up-

Endured a couple of freezes all the while they were holed up in our cold garage-

They perked right up after some tender loving care.

Look at them now....

They are thriving - they are home!

My faithful little blooming plants are such a joy-

All year long.

Gotta love them-

Have a great weekend!

Join Tootsie for Fertilizer Friday!


Enjoy Show and Tell

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sunroom in Progress

I'm so excited to show you what I've started working on...

A Four Seasons Sunroom~

Sun and Texas go together~

They know me well at Pier One! I don't really think they thought I was "really" going to purchase anything this last time. Think they ( they two that had already helped me) wanted to ignore me. The new person that waited on me, the one they urged to help me, was lucky! (hee hee)
I was in there so many times before I made a decision!
They even heard my cell phone conversation on Sunday afternoon with my husband.

Me: Hi sweetie, what are you doing?
Mr.: Watching golf.
Me: (under my breath, oh shoot-oh  my) 
Me: Well, would you mind driving to Pier One, (talking as fast as I could) you know the one right North of the hospital off the Expressway? I really need you to help me take this sunroom furniture home and it all wont' fit in my car and I really need it now. Oh thank you so much, you are so sweeet! 
Mr.: Now where is this place? 
Me: It's easy to find and won't take you long...

So, I was happy-
Need to scoot. Several of these flats of pretty little flowers are waiting to be planted. 

It's time to go play in the dirt!

Have a great day~

Join Kim, she's having a party!

 Another party!
Good life- come on and join in... 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WOW! Dazzling and Brilliant Ceramics!

It was a "Wow" moment when I first saw this guest bathroom.

Get this- 
The previous owner left these extraordinary treasures 
in the home.  

Can you believe?
A MacKenzie - Childs Guest Bathroom! 

It was probably the room that convinced me that we just had to have this house! 

I know, funny, but true. 

Yes, along with other wonderful things...
but still...these one of a kind
ceramics stole my heart years ago!

If you would like to know more about these brilliant ceramics, google, MacKenzie - Childs, you'll find the history of these time honored crafts. From plates,  planters, teapots to tureens and to the great one of kind pieces you see in our guest bathroom.

I've always and forever wanted to start a collection of Mackenzie Childs ceramics, now I have!  They are performing beautifully in our guest bathroom and it truly makes me so happy! 

 It was a "Wow" moment when I first saw this sensational room! 

It was hard to get a really good picture without me in it, oh that mirror was in my way!
Look at this sink, I love it! 

Like its namesake - a seaside resort on the "British Riviera" - Torquay offers drama and opulence, and then goes on to impart a certain modern-day sensibility. Mix bold frank-and-mustard hand-painted tiles with check-and-rose patterned tiles for a twist on tradition. 

I'm crazy about these knobs! 

This brilliant tile is in the middle of the awesome white tiled floor.
What's not to love about this sweet little checked and rose pattern?

Oh my, this vintage looking light fixture - It could be Vintage, Antique or just Old, whatever....
I really love it~

There are two pieces of Torquay, the small one one the right in the photograph above and the larger one below.
I love this larger piece of Torquay. Look at the beautiful checked and rose floral pattern, what creative artwork!

If you turn over each handcrafted piece, you can see the marks of the artisans who created it. 
Isn't that just amazing?  

I'm in the market for more incredible, delicate and charming
Mackenzie - Childs Ceramics. 

Joining sweet Kim @ Savvy Southern Style
for her
Just Wow Us Wednesdays!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Life Now---

Trying to get organized...boxes are not quite empty, but I am getting there!
I can do it-


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy- Happy Day!

Happy Birthday Reagan Caroline!

Three years ago today was a very happy, special and spectacular day! You brightened up our world when you were born and still do! 

Look at YOU!!

YOU are turning 


How can that be??

Wasn't it just yesterday that you were just a little baby?

Happy Birthday Sweetie Pie

We love you so much!
Nana and Pop