Monday, February 1, 2016

Moments in Time...Oh my sweet Grandmother~

Do you ever glance at something and it brings back a memory?

It's that moment in time that opens up your heart to another place and time. 

Sort of like hearing a song and oh my, a memory pops in your head!

Sort of like the aroma of early morning coffee brewing.

A freshly cut lawn...bacon frying, name it!

Well, these three little boxes remind me of my precious grandmother, they were hers and
I love them!

Yes, I've got some other treasures that were hers, but these melt my heart.
They are simple, yet beautiful.
I treasure her little boxes.
 I remember them so well in her home.
I remember looking at them in her home, years ago.
They were sitting on her dresser on her bedroom.

She was such a special lady~
She dressed every day like it was a Sunday!
Always had a smile on her face.
Grandmommy was a fantastic cook too!
There was always that wonderful aroma when you walked in their door!

She lived to be just short of 100 years old!
A precious and beautiful woman, inside and out~

I collect boxes and have forever! I like to think I got that special love from her.

It's the little things...

January 30, 1898- April 10, 1997

Missing and loving you more than words can say. 
Till we meet again, Grandmommy~

My Mom, my Grandmother and my Aunt Jo!