Thursday, April 28, 2016


Oh my can it be?
She's back!!!! 

Crazy Woman Alert-

She just sits there and watches us! 

She's really odd. 
Oh yes...
she meditates
she prays
she daydreams
she' got her binoculars
she's got her camera
she's got her coffee and at times, still in PJ's!
I mean, she gets up way too early!

I mean, seriously, I thought she was a birder! 

Oh good grief!! She is back!! 
How can that be? 
 Whiplash again.

Okay, if you have to know. 
You see, thought I was safe from that crazy lady.

She is confused.
One day a birder and the next...

Word is out-
She's in a contest for that magazine article on..
Yep, you got it-


Why is she trying to get a picture of me?
I'm past looking like a bunny.

I'm just an old scrappy looking rabbit that eats her food.

Heavens lady...
Stay inside and blog about decorating! 

Yes, yes, I was very, very still. 
I mean, frozen stiff! 
She is always out here-
Wish I could have her evicted. 

My friend Fred told me that there's no chance of that...pfffttt!
You know, can't figure Fred out.
I don't know, I sure think his hanging upside down has 
really rattled his pea brain. 

I can't believe it!  
He keeps adding on to his family.
Family tradition, I hear.
Now twins. 

Now, Fred is really busted. 
And word is out and crazy lady is really ticked off that he had had enough of her stinking begonias! 
Wanted variety. 

Greedy Fred! 
We are just poor rabbits...we have to get his droppings! 

I tell you, he's just a pain, oh, I can't tell you more.
He's got some ears on him.
You think mine are big! Ha!

 Well, I know that rabbits are smarter than squirrels. 
I'm really the brain out here.
They need me, even our bird friends.

I just don't know what the fuss is about.
 I'm just happy she's back! 
Food is good! 
My problem is Fred....
Yep, see the other side of my bird feeder? 
Broken, again. 


And, Pete, thinks he's the Great Peter Rabbit -
 just keeps multiplying.

Seriously, crazy lady was gone for a such a short time, 
I just knew we would lose Fred to the Olson's feeder. 
No such luck. 
He's just around here to eat.  
Squirrels do that. 
Nothing in return. 
Doesn't do a thing. 
Won't talk to me either. 
I'm just the outcast without a name...sniff
Well, they can't fly. 
I can...tee hee!

Joining some great parties~

Good Fences

Viewing Nature with Eileen

Come back and visit~
Sometimes Fred and Pete really get to acting up!
Coffee is always on-
I'll even let you use my binoculars! 
Bring your own won't be sorry! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I Think...

I think...tablescaping, how fun and it's such a simple pleasure.

I think...roaming around in an antique store is delightful.

I's all about savoring the simple beauty of being alive.

I think...having a platform to do what I want to do is awesome. 

I think...if I enjoy tablescaping that is what I'll blog about today!

I think... let's have fun with my vintage and antique plates.

Oh my....shhh...I forgot the silverware! 
Oh well...that's okay, not having dinner anyway!

Do you ever play and set a table just for for the fun of blogging? 

Please say you do....if not I'll get an appointment right away with a blogging doctor. I might have a blogging disorder! 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Garden Party!

If you thought you were going to see the post....I THINK...
Sorry, I goofed! 

I am so excited this morning!! 


Nana says we have been invited to a 
Garden Party!!! 

Oh, that Nana sure loves her flowers and parties. 
She has such a green thumb...she says she sure does wish it were a little greener! 

 Love this Garden Party reading spot that my Nana created for us....
She's baking cookies for us right now! 

 Getting ready for the party~

 This is where my Nana likes to read... she likes listening to the birds and the waterfall. 

 Nana runs around here with her camera all the time! 
Goodness gracious...she sure gets excited when she sees "her" cardinals!

She loves the sound of water...
She says it soothes her soul. 
OH that Nana, no need for it to be a holiday...just say party...
Get this! parties!

Shhhh....sometimes I see her drag this table around to another spot. 
Something about a blog party.
Whatever it is, she sure is having so much fun and she lets us help!

We love eating out here! 
Nana is such a sweetie. We get to have anything we want! 

If you don't know...Nana LOVES YELLOW!  

Lets go!

Garden Party!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

April Thoughts...

I'm back after being away caring for my mother. 

She's been gone a month now and seems like a second ago.

I know she would have loved my flowers.

 She's looking down and telling me not to forget to fertilize them.