Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Our Home Tour~

Morning friends! 

Oh my, can I say we are busy!! We are selling our home and moving to Houston, actually to The Woodlands. Will be near all of our kids and grandkids, to say we are thrilled is an understatement! 

So here's a little virtual tour of our home~ 

2500 Ponderosa - 2500 Ponderosa Dr, Mission, Texas

See the cuties between us? These are our little munchkins that we will be able to see often!
This was taken out at the ranch in December, they crack me up!

Have a wonderful week!


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Nippon~ And a bit~

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 

Well, I've been wanting to tell you about my trip to Round Top and the Margurger Farm Antique Show!

First off, if ever in Texas, in the spring or fall, it's a must! 

I'd been there one time and that was years ago when we were living in Austin Texas. Took a day trip with a bunch of girl friends and just had a blast. 

So, late in March, I got the schedule and found out the date of the spring show was on my birthday weekend. I'm one of those my dear husband says celebrates all month long, well, good grief, why not! So, headed to Houston on a Thursday and early on Friday morning my co- birthday daughter in law, who shares the same birthday, how cool is that, headed out on this day of celebration! Well, we made the trip and up front, will tell you all, Blast #2! 

There's nothing like this antique show. I mean really. Besides riding in the passenger seat and not having to drive, the road to Round Top was truly delightful. The bluebonnets were in full bloom and seeing the rolling hills and white fences along the highway, the beautiful gates we would see along the road to someones awesome ranch, all of this combined,  just breathtaking. The lakes, the flowers, chatting with Holly, the anticipation of this day, was just getting to me. I was giddy! Oh my heavens, all of a sudden you come upon the area, an antique mecca! Dealers and the country's leading designers convene in these tents,these barns, and these dusty saloons to create flea-market nirvana- {{{{}}}} 

Be still my heart, if only I could have seen better! ( I did get some nice pieces, so eyesight was okay enough!) I had to wear my blasted glasses and not my contacts. Eyesight is failing and my prescription keeps changing. My Opthamologist says my eyes are weird. Well, thank you buddy! No comments, I just want to see! 

Well, first stop, oh dear, my heart was racing with the thrill of hunt, this was really about to begin. (okay, will share a bit more...this is just a little thing, gulp. Okay, I two years ago, I was 59, I had a pace maker implant. YEP, that too. No pity party here, I'm just thankful it works! So, be still my heart comment, ha! It'll be ticking right along no matter what! My positive thing...hey, I'm bionic now!

I'm one of those, takes me a quite a bit of time to make a purchase. I've got to ponder it for hours, unless it's shoes or a purse.  

Anyhow, we hit place after place, shop after shop, tent after tent, yes, did not purchase anything until the end of the day because I was wanting to make sure I was getting what I really loved! So the end of our day is about to come to a halt, we must hit the road and miss the traffic back into Houston. Well, when I finally purchased my treasures,  they were from the first stop! I knew I loved them, then! Just felt like I needed to have my heart skip a beat a bit more before the big purchases.

I've taken a photograph of my two of favorite treasures! More to come at another time~

Hand Painted Nippon Pitchers~
I just love the lilac flowers and the golden frilly gilded edges!
Aren't they just gorgeous? 

I'm not sure where they'll end up, for now, the show place is here. 

What are your plans for this glorious day? 
I'm off to read some of your awesome blogs and hopefully get off my "cement b**t and go to my yoga class this morning! 

My power thoughts for today from Louise Hay. 

Enjoy your week!

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Day Of Sharing~

Hello sweet blogger friends!

Okay, I've not shared this with you and decided since it's been my new life, I'd just share and have a little writing therapy at the same time.

Nancy's Note today...

I was diagnosed with Wegners Granulomatosis in November. I'm taking chemo therapy treatments weekly and will for two years.  A bit daunting, but doable. I take 5 little chemo pills every Monday night and they are doing their magic! I'm so thankful and I'm blessed that I don't have to go to a medical facility and that this new pill form is working for me. How cool is that! The plan is for it to be in remission at that time and not come back. It's not curable, but it is manageable. It's going to be okay, I know that everything comes into your life with a purpose and I'm facing this head on, I will just deal with this with a positive frame of mind and I will not let anything slow me down and I'll always want to keep humor around, it's necessary, right? Wegners Granulomatosis, stepped in what???

So, no worries, I'm good!!

I love my blogging friends. I love blogging. It's such a wonderful thing in my life! I started blogging because I was home all the time caring for my husband who had a two strokes at the age of 56! He's back to being himself now and doing almost everything except being able to play golf or run his businesses. So those were sold and we are and have been together 24/7 since 2006! Ahem... oh joy!! I'm just kidding! Really, we have learned that our own space is good!!

So blogging is important and it's best therapy ever, I love it. I so enjoy reading your blogs. It's amazing how many friends I've made that are just beautiful, funny, incredible and truly amazing women, inside and out.

Just want to share a couple of books that are my "go to" books for comfort and joy. And really, just to remind myself that things are going to be okay.
Simple Abundance and Life Can Be Hard Sometimes are wonderful books.

On a totally different note, all of these new ways to find everyone is just sort of making my head spin!

Are you all finding that these additional ways to find a blog are a bit overwhelming too?

I'm now trying Bloglovin. I will see how it works since my blog roll was yanked away from my blog! Grrr...

Oh, a few words from Sarah's book regarding restoring serenity to our daily endeavors.

"The time has come for us to stop associating serenity with the things that cannot be changed. For we can dramatically change the quality of our lives when we consciously seek to restore serenity to our daily endeavors."


"When we stop behaving as if they were whirling dervishes.
" As I sit here typing this like a maniac!!!

Have a great day, sweet friends!


Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter Tablescapes ~ Past Favorites

I've been away and what a fun trip to Round Top and Warrenton Antique Shows in Texas! 

If you've not ever been, plan on going to the Fall Show, you'll be in shock! 
It's one of those times when you truly can't decide which way to go, I'm not kidding! 
You are totally dead in the water. Standing still looking each way and wondering which way to go! 
Not only do you see treasures, oh my, it's a people watching experience like none other! 
Adorable ladies wearing boots, hats and lots of bling~!
Better than an airport people parade!

Oh, I'll be sharing my treasures as soon as I get my photographer hat on and the photo shoot done! 

Right now, it's one of those Monday mornings and I've got a list a mile long. 

So, for today, a favorite Easter Tablescape~ 
and some Easter memories~

Below are some old and not so old, but wonderful Easter Memories~