Monday, November 7, 2016

Hello Friends!

Funny thing...I got side-tracked.
Reasons are many. 

What's kept me in the loop while I've been away is Instagram. 

Another funny many of you are there too! Who knew! I love it. It's one click and I'm enchanted by everything wonderful! 

Okay, must say, I do want to always blog, it's saved my life when Mr. Notes had his two strokes almost 10 years ago. 

Oh my, I digress! Sorry. Anyhow, I went on a little trip to the most quaint little towns ever. Hanover and Madison, Indiana. Use to spend our summers on the Ohio River when the kids were little, oh so many years ago. 

Anyhow, I flew to Indiana with my son and daughter in law to visit their son,  my grandson. He's a student at Hanover College! He'll be playing LaCrosse there this spring. So exciting. 

opps...the H is somewhere! 

President's Home on Hanover College Campus.

Grandson, DIL and Son on Campus, on the Ohio!

Drive there....

Grandson's dorm :)

We walked along the Ohio on Sunday morning, it was delightful!

This view steals my heart away everything I see it! 

Well, need to scoot! 
See you all again, somewhere! Who know all of these places at our fingertips! 

Seriously, I'm overwhelmed with the options, are you? 

Happy evening, dear friends.