Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My Healing Heart! Ready to Rock and Roll!!!!


I'm back! 

I'm feeling well!

I'm ready to rock and roll...well, soon! 

Yes, three weeks ago my heart turned bionic! My two heart surgeons used their calm, steady hands and excellent skills to work on me and oh, I've got heart now! I'll forever be grateful for their care and expertise. They said, my heart was was a challenge! The night before the surgery, my head heart surgeon called me at home. He told me he wanted a change of venue and perform the surgery at the Medical Center downtown Houston! Ekk...I was all for that, being that they knew I would not be a normal one to work on. Oh joy! So, it was scheduled two days later. Well, I was almost famous, so they tell me. They sure wanted to push back my surgery till July 29th. This group of heart surgeons coming from across the world are coming to watch this kind of procedure! My doctor is the guru. Well, lost my chance at signing autographs, it was not possible, my little broken heart could not wait. So, I've got a full operational heart now with all the bells and whistles!! It'll kick me into next year if it falters!! 

I've got a few more weeks of rest and then, it's Rocking and Rolling time! 

Get this, 30 years ago, August 3, 1985 we were rocking and rolling in New York City! Flew there to catch our flight to Caneel Bay, the perfect Honeymoon destination! Oh my, idyllic luxury in the Caribbean, in the Virgin Islands will forever be in my memory! 

Our one night in New York City was magical! Stayed at the Plaza Athenee. We went to all the hot spots and started out at the Greatest Bar in the world, at the World Trade Center restaurant Windows of The World.  What can I say, it was perfect. We had a limo drive us to all the sights Mr. Notes wanted me to see. NYC at night is beyond description. Don't tell, but I was standing up through the skylight of the limo across the entire Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan style and after midnight! Crazy Fun! 

View of the Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan

Oh, this week especially, we have had enjoyable recollections of our night there! One of our friends there had a gift for us, a ride all over NYC in a helicopter! No, not this girl. I've done it before Arizona, no way!! Scared the daylights out of me. Anyhow, my precious husband for almost 24 hours loves the city, he lived there when he went to graduate school and years after! Thank goodnesss he moved back to Texas or there would not be a Mr. Notes!

Well, Mr. Notes, the sweetheart that he is, has an eye on me and wants me to get off the computer and rest my arm and shoulder. Smarts if I type to much...at least that is what I tell him! He must do all the bookkeeping now.  Shhh...
pkay, it really does smart! 

Thank you for all the prayers, calls, notes, emails, flowers and thoughts too! 

My sweet family, without them, these last three weeks would have been dreadful! The grandkids sure make me want to rock and roll again!

Here's a little treat for all of you! 

Heart of Rock and Roll

I'll be back again

Monday, July 13, 2015

Hospital Update

Dear Friends,

Surgery went well. I am home from the hospital and Doctor's orders are being followed! So, I'm resting well... I'm still waiting for the "No Pain Fairy" to arrive! 
I'll be back as soon-
Love, blessings and hugs to all of you, sweet friends! 
From your ever, so super, bionic friend.



Monday, July 6, 2015

A Hospital Visit for Me~

Good Morning Friends~

Just a quick note to let you know I'll be away for awhile.
I'm going into the hospital at daybreak tomorrow. 
I'm going in for a "new pacemaker" and a top of the line "defibrillator."

No tummy tuck, chin lift, bu** lift, or face lift! 

However, when I return,  I'll be super bionic!
At 63, that's a great thing and better than those lifts! humm

I'll miss all of you!

Hugs to all~

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Great Notes and Some Not So Great~

Morning to all!

It's time to check in with my blogging buddies, I hope everyone is having a great summer!

We have had such a happy, wonderful and busy summer, so far! 
Love every minute with our grandkids, the visits and sleep overs are a blast!
Oh goodness, I love being a kid right along with them!

Here we are doing a little gardening!
Lucky for me, she has a green thumb~
She is a great in the kitchen too.
Helped make a delicious meat loaf the other night!

Arts and Crafts Galore~
The decoupage frames look great, scrapbooking was a blast. This smart little sweetheart, the queen of all crafts and enjoys every minute! We are peas in a pod!
Best teacher of all time. She ran her own school and ran a mighty organized school.
Her dolls are the best students too...no fussing. 

We have our own little singing star from Frozen!
She can sing "Let It Go," no kidding, as great at Anna!
The entire second floor was used as her stage, a beautiful performance! 

Can this little munchkin play card games? Oh yes and is a little competitor and is a winner! 
She even makes up her own games and they are quite good~ 
She wants us to send her game ideas to Mattel! 
We may!

Batman, Cape Crusader, he's a star in his own right! 
This boy loves to play and play hard! 
Cars, airplanes, more cars, all kinds of games and oh, can build anything! 
He's our little scientist, he loves to experiment!

He and Pop...
Constructing Buzzsaw Logs!

Of course, hours in the pool! 
Nana even get her hair wet and goes under water and even enjoyed it!

Okay to the Not SO GOOD kind of notes...
Well, I got the dreaded call I've been waiting for three months for. Some of you know I have a heart that's not up to par. I have had a pacemaker for a few years and now I must have a defibrillator! So, I'm getting an upgraded pacer and and defibrillator. A dual, so I'll be super bionic. Oh joy!
I thought and the cardiologist mentioned it was possible I might not need to have this procedure done. I was not expecting this news, of course! I was doing so well, I thought. Oh well, I am ready to feel even better, just want to get it over and done with. 

We have had roofers hammering away on our new roof. First crew, started Friday.
 NO SHOW on Saturday or Sunday! Poured down rain on Friday night. Saturday, our roof leaked, so now a room has to be painted, carpet and all be linens have to be cleaned and dry cleaned!
Roof was finished yesterday morning...
Rained yesterday afternoon, more leaks. They were out yesterday evening, fixed it.
More walls to be repaired inside. 

One of our large palm trees and our neighbor's tall pine tree were hit by lighting a month ago!
Such crazy weather! 
Had to have them cut down, what a sight! 
I was scared just watching! 

I'm ready for this cloud to clear out from over me and want the sunshine back!
I know it'll happen! I believe in the power of positive thinking and prayer!
I'm off now to start another day...

Have a great and happy week, think of y'all often!
I'll be by to visit everyone soon!