Wednesday, January 30, 2019

From Mother to Daughter...A cherished Book and Blog~

Good morning! 

I am pretty sure that it could possibly be a very cold, freezing cold morning where you are, yes...
Cold as ice! And cold as in snow! 

Well, if so, I hope you are indoors keeping warm by a fire, sitting in a cozy chair reading blog posts! 

Since this is what I've been doing, I decided to also blog about  
this little book that I just think is the best! 
A happy read~

"This cherished book is a gift of advice to be given and received- a treasury  of simple powerful ideas that have transmitted the experiences of generations."
By Author
Sherry Conway Appel 

Do you have something you remember that your mother taught you or told you? This book is full of just that, great things from a mother to daughter. 

My mother taught me the importance of family. 
Always look your best.
Mind your manners.
If you find a pair of shoes you like, get in black and brown. 
Don't believe everything you read.
I could go on and on.....

Okay, I'm changing the subject from a great book to a great blog. 

Okay, if you have not been to my dearest friend's blog

You must! 

Her blog posts about her talking to her three daughters are 
funny and heartwarming! 
All of her posts are unique. 
She is such a gifted writer,
 I know you'll love her blog~

Actually, I am almost certain you already know her! 
Tell her I said hello!

Well, need to scoot!

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Jewelry Adventures!

These pieces of jewelry, be they antique or vintage fill my heart with memories of my precious mother. She had many precious and vintage jewels in her jewelry collection.  

I know she and my dad traveled and she did dress to the nines! You know, hats and gloves too! Back then you dressed up when you traveled by air and you dressed up to go to football games, and of course, monthly Dine and Dance club. They were quite social! 

I am quite certain these pieces of treasures have had some very special adventures! 

I  do love vintage and antique jewelry and oh yes, I love the real thing too! 

The romance of the past... 

such a special past...

with such timeless beauty just right for today.

I'm always dreaming about the unique story 

our  jewels carry.


Friday, January 25, 2019

Walk With Me This Morning~

Come along with me, it’s a glorious sunny day! It’s perfect- 
51 degrees.

Crazy zinnias coming up!

 I’m very lucky that my plants are thriving 

and are looking good.

I know, I know! This is just January! 
Of course we won't have a freeze in our part of Texas. 
Wishing and hoping!

Glad you came along for the walk with me. 
Hurry back~

Monday, January 21, 2019

Memorable Room

Hello from a cold day is Texas. I'm watching the sun come down out of my office window and it's glorious! I love sunsets...oh how I love them. 
Hope you are all staying warm! 

Memorable Rooms, I think like people have personalities. 

Oh my, the statement of this room, a guest bedroom of ours has such a sweet personality. I love to walk into this room and feel the heart of the room.  The sweet and precious feelings are the photographs of weddings, my parents and grandparents. It's the gracious past, the soothing colors and romantic linens...
oh, can I just say...

I just love it! 

The heart of the room feels so welcoming, not museum like,
 just comfortable! 

I love the bedding. I found the bedding at a wonderful furniture store that carries lace linens with the classic old world patterns full of glam! 
Simply elegant. 

I would like something on the wall above the bed...still looking! 
I am thinking more old family treasures. 
Any ideas? 

My sweet mom framed this piece of material that she loved-
Funny, she did this. She was a fabulous artist and could knit, crewel, needlepoint and guess the artist in her liked the pattern! 
I love it too~

Love the linens. I do love soft lace.

L-R My paternal Grandmother, my Dad, my Mom 
and my maternal Grandmother. Oh how I loved them so and I miss them terribly! I love this room, it's filled with memories of them.

( Yes, the picture looks funky. I really tried my best to get the photographs to look straight on the wall! They are really straight on the wall, I promise! I also could not get the photo centered on the page. Some funny stuff going on with blogger...maybe it's me!)

 My parents...oh they were so young and in love! 
Their marriage was so special. 
They did everything together! 
They traveled, hunted, fished, golfed, skied, cooked, played bridge and poker and really everything. 
Married 60 years...and longer in mom's heart after dad passed away. 

Well, my friends, it's time to head downstairs and chat with my husband.  I'm not sure what we are having for dinner. Sometimes I know early in the day and then times like this, we just figure it out. Maybe we will order in! I know we will have a fire going in the fireplace! 

See you soon~

Friday, January 11, 2019

2018 Memories~

A few...
Thanksgiving Memories~

A few...

A few...
Christmas Memories

Goodbye 2018!