Sunday, March 17, 2019

Checking In~

This was to go out last week!
Problems with internet :(

Hello to all on this cloudy day! The bright side, these Azaleas are blooming like crazy! They make me smile!

First thing this morning...7:00 am sharp, my DH had a diagnostic procedure preceeding the RAP. Radiofrequency Ablation he'll have next week. Poor sweet man was partially paralyzed at tender age of 57. Those were due to two strokes that were caused by a hereditary blood disorder. Yes, his dad had it too. Years of being in pain, since 2006, modern procedures are now available for him to try and he's gone cold turkey getting off pain meds! So next Monday, he will be having the RAP! God love him! Oh and his precious doctor.

We are a pair!

Oh my, yoju are all so thoughtful! My goodness, such kind thoughts and prayers for my possible upcoming kidney transplant. April 4th is the day I meet all the doctors and everyone involved with the big decision...and that is if I'm healthy enough to have the transplant.  So three months of testing and then I'll found out. So for focus has been on our new beach condo~

That is what we do, we  TRY and focus on other things. :)

So much going on with our beach condo. Okay, we closed last week and for a couple of days we stayed at a resort and just had wonderful dinners, went to bed early and had coffee overlooking the ocean. After the closing we picked out paint and met the painters. Made the trip back home. Left the painters doing their thing. They are are almost done and the carpet goes in today. We were to leave today, but my guy doesn't feel that great . We will head out in the morning.  We will go back to the same wonderful resort and keep our suite there until we get our condo in living order. Our new furniture will be delivered Thursday and Friday of this week. Yikes Y'all,  I ordered so much online since I wasn't that energized to go out and shop. I did for the big things, but will see how it all turns out! Furnishing and decorating is so much fun, but scary too. All I do, when I should be sleeping is decorating in my mind. Yes, sweet dreaming and then some crazy ones! Hope it all comes together when it all arrives!