Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Simply Mine...

I treasure this painting...

It was painted by a very talented and special artist...

My dear mom~

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Hop on over, they will be happy to see you!

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Thinking Pink...

 I'm thinking pink today! 

I've heard that "  In the pink means good health,"  so, I'm thinking it's my favorite color now. I was not dressed in pink much as a little girl and I don't have much pink around, but
my granddaughter's are all about pink, especially the two little ones. 

I'm tickled that I'm am...
In The Pink!

Nana, I really know you love pink because I do!
Yes, I do, sweetie pie...

Oh, these are pretty things that Nana really loves.

I'm Nana's three year old granddauther and 
" I don't like boys, I only like gills, boys are mean"! 
Oh, that Nana!
She says they won't be mean for long.

Okay Nana, what's with this tutu,? Eeekkkk! 
I know you think I'll love it someday!


I'm Nana's oldest granddaughter...oh my, I'm 16 now, and she can't believe it! She always says...
"How can that be, sweetie?"

We are Nana's oldest and adorable granddaughters!
We are somewhat into pink, but, not so much!
She says...
We are as sweet as sweet as can be!
Oh, our Nana...

 Nana told me that I'm a little doll! 
See our little dresses, my Nana made them for us, Mommy loves them.
( Oh, my Nana, she's so smart and can do anything! Everything she bakes is so yummy!)

I'm Nana's Strawberry Shortcake!
Oh, yes, I'm all about 
Sugar N' Spice

Nana says I'm just adorable...

Everyone says that I'm just precious
and Nana says that I'm her little angel.
I love my Nana.

Do you know that my Nana keeps telling me that I'm her 
sweetest little ballerina? She calls me sweetie all the time!
Can you believe?

I do know there's more bling in my purse! 
Nana keeps filling it up for me!
What a Nana!

Oh, I've got to go play with Nana, she loves playing. 

She really loves tea parties. 

Do you know that Nana just tickles us pink? 

Ta ta!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cherished Antique...

I'm back!  

Thank you all for the most wonderful comments, thoughts, encouragement and prayers. 
Blogging friends are the best and sure make my pacemaker surgery recovery time seem easier. Love reading your wonderful blogs! 

Decided I would to share one of my treasured and cherished antiques with you, I think I was drawn to this one because of the floral design, it's intricate and fascinated me the minute I saw it, I had to have it. I'll also share some very interesting history about England Mason Ironstone Pottery that I found, I know you'll notice some very interesting and prominent names in it's wonderful  history.


My Treasured Antique ~ My Mason Ironstone Bowl..

Ironstone is a type of pottery that was first manufactured in England in the early 1800s. The formula for ironstone was developed by potters who were looking to be able to produce an affordable alternative to porcelain, which had become very expensive to import. The process required the use of slag, flint, stone, cobalt, and clay ground together in certain proportions. The resulting product was very attractive, sturdy, and functional, and soon became very popular.

It was love and luck that got Miles Mason started in the ceramics business. We know little of his
early life except that he was born in 1752 in Dent in the West Riding of Yorkshire. As a young
man he worked as a clerk for his Uncle Bailey of Frog Hall, Chigwell Row in London, who was
a stationer. By chance, his next door neighbor was Richard Farrar, a prosperous glass and
china merchant who sold mainly porcelain imported from China. Farrar’s daughter, Ruth,
was only nine when her father died in 1775. She inherited his vast estate, which included a
personal fortune in excess of $55,000. Seven years later, when she was 16, Miles married her,
and together they had four children, a daughter, Ann Ruth, and three sons William, George
Miles and Charles James.

Miles Mason then, began his career in ceramics as a retailer in his late father-in-law's business.
There he inevitably made contact with the Staffordshire master potters whose products he sold,
and it was not long before he became involved in the manufacturing side. His timing could
not have been better. The East India Company had always sold their imported porcelain
twice yearly auctions in London. In the late eighteenth century, these were dominated by the
“ring”, a consortium of dealers getting together to suppress prices. By not bidding against
each other, the dealers purchased the porcelain cheaply then ‘knocked it out’ to the highest
bidder within the ring. Due to this and to the effects of the Napoleonic wars upon trade and
the economy in 1791 the East India Company decided to dispense with the auction side of
its business.


This created a wonderful opportunity for English manufacturers to fill the gap and
increase the production of ceramics with an oriental appeal.In 1796 he entered into a
partnership with the experienced porcelain manufacturer Thomas Wolfe of Liverpool, and
then in the same year took another partnership with George Wolfe at the Victoria Works in
Lane Delph, producing fine earthenware. Miles thus assured himself of a continuous supply of
earthenware and porcelain for his retail business in London . Both of these partnerships ceased
in 1800 but Miles kept the Victoria Works for himself and started to produce his own porcelain
which continued until 1807. During this time he moved his family from London to a house
next door to the Victoria Works.


His business prospered and within three years Miles had moved to much larger premises,
it was in the Mivera Works that from1807 until 1813 Miles produced porcelain to a very high
standard and it was here with the assistance of his three sons he experimented on new clays
and produced an earthenware called Ironstone China.

Miles retired from the business in June 1813 when the business was taken over by his sons.
He retired to Liverpool and died there in 1822 having succeeded in a career that saw the
introduction of a product that would make the family name of Mason’s one of the most
important in the history of English Ceramics.


William Mason, George Miles Mason & Charles James Mason (CJ)

Miles eldest son, William, had a short and not very successful career in the pottery industry
but very little is known about him. George, the second son, was a good businessman, and ran the
administrative side of the business until 1832 when he left the trade for a life as a country
gentleman and entered into politics.

Charles James Mason (CJ)

For pottery enthusiasts, however, by far the most important member of the family was the third
and youngest son, Charles James.(CJ) born in 1791, he was destined to become one of the
outstanding figures in the Staffordshire pottery industry. Today, when people speak of
“Ironstone” it is invariably Mason’s to which they refer and to CJ’s work in particular.
From a very early age he assisted his father in the factory experimenting with new clays,
he enjoyed the life and soon became a master-potter himself. Charles at only the age of 21
leap into the limelight when he registered the patent for Patent Ironstone China.


In 1815 Charles married Sarah Spode, who was the granddaughter of the first Josiah Spode
the founder of the famous potting family. She was a very shrewd business woman and
she encouraged her husband in all his new ventures and they remained happily married for
27 years. They had two children Florence Elizabeth Mason and Charles Spode Mason.
Sarah died in 1842 and was buried in the Mason’s family vault in Barlaston.

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Have a great day!

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Heart Lesson

I'm thankful today... 

Thankful for my blessed, loving and precious family.
Thankful for my dear friends.
Thankful for the love of writing.
Thankful for the world of photography.
Thankful for my new best friend...my pacemaker.
Thankful for the captivating floral arrangements that are bringing me joy.
Thankful for being home.
Thankful to God.

PS...Dear friends, please take care of your heart...and always listen to what your body it's telling you. 

Blessings to all! 

Joining a sweet friend for...

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Big Boy!

Happy 2nd Birthday 
Garrett Michael!

Look at you, you are two!

How did that happen so fast?????

 Wow- You are a such a big boy!

Oh that smile....the best!

Know you'll have a year full of lots of 
fun and adventure!
Slow it down a bit, okay?? :) 
 Happy Birthday sweetie!
We love you much-
Nana and Pop

Monday, January 9, 2012

What An Exciting Day!!!

Happy 6th Birthday
Sweet Ellie!

Look at you! 
Are you really six years old today?
How can that be? 
How did that happen so fast? 

 January 9th, oh my...
what a special day to celebrate 
sweet and adorable you!

We love you to the moon and back, sweetie!

Nana and Pop

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Older Sweet Ones That Melt My Heart....

These three are just as darling as the little ones! 

Sniff, sniff...look at how old they are getting?

But, not to worry, they still like to play games!

Little and Big Sissy, you know, the itsy bitsy cousins that I've just blogged about....

They think these three hung the MOON!

And they do!

Aren't having older cousins the best thing ever??? 

Nana thinks so too!

Wish I could freeze dry them-

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These little gills should be tired!

I snapped this photograph minutes before they were picked up by their mommy and daddy this morning to go to church, don't they look darling?

You should see me, not so darling!

Sleepover last night~

The best!

Yes, in bed before way before 9:00 and that is late, four little eyes still wide awake at 10:45!

Giggles set in while taking a huge bubble bath and continued on and off until they dropped off to sleep between story time.
One  dropped off while she was talking! 

Up and wide awake at 5:55, sharp. Usually it's 6:00! A few minutes before...no biggy.

I was ready, Nana had coffee on by 6:02!

Before 7:00 a.m., we had already had our breakfast. Homemade buttermilk pancakes, crisp bacon and fruit cups and of course, orange juice. They love orange juice almost better their
Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes!

Funny thing, my energy level is not the same as it was when I was in my 20's!!

We played and created with play-doh.
We colored beautiful pictures.
We played with their princesses and their castles.
We painted and ended up with more beautiful pictures.
We played games.

We did not get to cook or bake this time or get to have a tea party, but we have had many!

Sample of just a few!

Oh, these gills are quite the chefs! They can knock out a garden salad in no time!

Oh, they love a parade! Have you ever seen a Barbie parade??

Tea parties are always a blast!

 Little sissy was not at this tea party, but Pooh came.

I know you remember this feeling!

Ahhhh...she loves her big sissy! 
Her big sissy will be 6 tomorrow!

Need to scoot.

Hope you all had a great Sunday~

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Sweet Scent...

Was out with my trusty camera today...

I fell in love with this beautiful gardenia.

The sweet scent is still with me...

Isn't photography wonderful?

Joining Honey at 2805!

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Monday, January 2, 2012

A Special Art ...

The Art of Finding Something to Wear...

Do you often look in your closet and hear the coat hangers swish back and forth? (my husband can hear it from a mile away and seems to always ask, "what's wrong?" Grrr)

Do you often find it a challenge to find something that fits perfect?

Do you find that your clothes last longer than that youthful spirit you had when you bought them?

Some garments keep their appeal for months, years...then one day, their style expires and you know it!

Really good clothes can turn matronly within weeks.

Remember the long beautiful skirt and sequined top you bought on sale and loved instantly, looked like an archeological find a month later.

Funny how the end of a style is sudden. 

If you insist on wearing that outfit that has lost it's style, you run the risk of looking and feeling frumpy. (Right?)

Our closets are full, yet we can't find the "right" thing to wear.

Look in your closet, each garment surely reminds you of a moment in your very personal history.

Clothes you bought last week, you no longer care for. You wonder what got into you. What were you thinking?

Don't worry if you don't wear a fraction of what you own. Without them, you would not have picked out the few outfits that, you now feel, best captures the real you! 


(for me, same black pants...same black blouse?)