Monday, March 31, 2014

Yes, Indeed!

Mind-blowing- No
Phenomenal- Not quite 
Sensational - Not really
Splashy- Oh no...
Charming- Yes~
Lovely- Yes, indeed
Oh, did I get excited when I found them? 
Aww, it's the little things~

Am I happy with my newest finds?
Yes, indeed!
I've been doing this dark-thirty thing again! 
Clearly it's a bit nutty when I see the clock and I'm so excited about it getting close to 
4:30 a.m.. I know I can go ahead and get up and start the photo shoot-
best part of the treasure hunting is the photography.
Process goes like this. 
Finding the right tablecloth
Finding the right flowers
Finding the camera
Finding the area where the photo shoot will occur.
Set up-
Getting that second cuppa
And then...

Now I can't wait to go shopping again-


Inspire Me Tuesday~

Wow Us Wednesday~

What's It Wednesday~

Have a great week!


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Company of Flowers and Some Power~

The Company of Flowers Book is one book that I'm crazy about! 
The arrangements are all stunning!

 My favorites~

All of these flowers below are from my garden, they are vintage! 
I love to frame them~

Enjoy some great...
 Power Thoughts By Louise Hay~

Can you relate?

Blessings to all on this glorious Sunday~


Friday, March 28, 2014

What A Day And Good Fences~

HaPpY 16th BiRtHdaY
to our grandson!!!

You are the sweetest, kindest and most thoughtful boy, gulp, young man, in the world! You have a heart of gold and today we wish you love, joy, and peace without end! 

# 64 -

Such a cutie-
Be still Nana's heart!

There's our boy, another gulp, where's out little boy? 16 years ago, seems like yesterday-
My you've grown up into a very handsome, smart, caring and wonderful young man! 
We are so proud of you!
Top left-
In the cast of West Side Story~

We love you to the moon and back!
Nana and Pop

Run Around Ranch Report is one of my favorite blogs.
I'll be linking up to her blog today for her first of many...

Good Fences~

This place has my heart~

Monday, March 24, 2014

Who Knew?

Hope everyone had a great weekend, all was well here except for a few minor hiccups. Ate too much! Don’t you hate it when that happens? I was peeved, not the other “p” word. I know what  you were thinking!  I also hate it when I stock up with delicious treats "for the grandkids."  Who am I kidding! 

Anyhow, I did get up this morning and before coffee, mind you, I did my pilates workout. Now it’s been a a few months since I’ve worked out and oh boy, I’m paying for it dearly.  I’m doing that number with my jeans. You know the one, back side flat down on the bead, pull up and yank, then try to get them zipped! It’s not a pretty. Anyhow, back to my early morning surprise to myself. I worked out. It’s a pretty good 20 minute work out that I have cut down to 10.  I just fast forward when Mary Windsor is talking. It’s doable. I tell you it works. I can’t say this morning that you can tell by looking at me today, but it has worked in the past.

Okay, I’ve decided to start pilates again. Who knew? Who knew I’d wake up with energy this morning and work out before coffee! Oh my goodness, not me! I’m almost euphoric. 

Well, I have some little photographs that I'll share. First one, you are not going to believe this. We were driving down the road and saw this! Of course, Mr. Notes knows I have my camera in my lap and also knows he has to stop immediately when I yell. Of course he's full of joy when that happens as he is traveling at neck breaking speed. 

Anyhow, check these guys out! 

 Now, tell me that is not worth a yell and a neck breaking stop?
Not one - two yells- 
Guess who?

I've always been crazy about taking pictures. 
It's almost intoxicating. 
I mean, not like a couple of glasses of wine or anything like that.
Just nirvanic, like a spa experience.
I'm not at all comfortable with those big fancy cameras.
Point and shoot works for me!

Okay, here's another shot for you. 

 Tablescape for one~
set and ready for his breakfast.

Hey, did you know there's an art to wearing high heels? 
I mean, really? 
Yes, I read it in a book. 
Also read that they are essential in every lady's arsenal! That cracks me up. 
I don't even wear them much anymore. 
Maybe for church and that's for one hour - with gel pads. 
Too many problems to wear them anymore. like standing, walking, sitting...
Anyhow, to learn the art of walking in heels it takes practice, so I read. 
Get this- I read...
The best place to go walking is at the grocery store,
miles of isles to gain confidence and balance.
Sounds like a  death trap to me! 

Don't know why I gave y'all that information. 

Yes, still here, it's that second cuppa that's got me going!

Okay, I'll share another picture. 


See this little guy? 
Our first born grandson is going to be 16 on the 28th!!
More about him on his birthday.
You know,  
I'm still getting use to the fact he'll be 16! 
I should have freezed dried him when I could have- 
Isn't he cute?

Well, I think I'll show y'all a few pictures from our trip to Savannah, 
no worries, not today.

Well, think I"d better call it quits for now! 
Have a great week~

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Dozen Roses~

Get this! 

While I was out and about running a few errands the other day, my car just wrecklessly turned into an antique shop parking lot! 

If don't you have Antique Shops listed as Home location on your GPS, you should. 
Seriously - it works!

Well, I was shopping again. Sigh...

 Immediately I was standing at the check out counter paying for this lovely vintage plate! 
A dozen roses, at least! I lost count. Anyhow...
My heart nearly skipped a beat when my eyes saw the amazing little plate.

Can you believe there was another person eyeing it too? To close for comfort!

 I acted calm, cool and yes, very collected while I grabbed it and left the scene. 

I'm rose and any flower crazed-

and a plate, to boot! 

Oh my, I just love my new vintage plate!
I had a Picasa photo session at dark thirty this morning.
Too fun!

Enjoy your day, I'm off to party at How Sweet The Sound for...


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Note Cards~

They did it again- playing around with my computer. Stinkers

My little flowers got into a note card craze this morning!

They said they just pushed a button that said...

Simple, brilliant and colorful~ and poof! 
Note Cards!


    Love them...

Have a great day and don't forget- be creative and happy!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Little things...

Do you ever want to get out alone and just hit some antique shops?
I know some of you may know that feeling...
Late yesterday afternoon was that day for me, out looking for little sweet treasures.
Teacups and pitchers are my weakness...well, anything little and with lots of flowers.
Here's one of my new treasures!
Funny how a sweet little pitcher can make one's heart go pitter patter-
It's the little things...

I just love her, she's adorable.
She? What's up with that?
Love how she posed for me too! 
Oh good grief, just noticed a shadow!
That's okay, no way I'll get her to pose again!
She was a bit of a pill this morning, I know it's not happening again.
Especially at dark-thirty!
Don't you just love her?
Promise, she really is sweet after her cream, coffee and lots of sugar!


Have a glorious day~

Friday, March 14, 2014

Morning Thoughts

This morning I've been thinking...
These are places that I'd like to be this weekend!

The island is not far...doable!
I'd love to go back to London~
Back to Pebble Beach, would be awesome!
Going to the Ranch! Ahh, a glorious and peaceful place to be anytime!

At the ranch with my granddaughters!

Or with my grandsons! A blast, always!

Spending time with grands, daughter in law and daughter! Crazy fun!

Humm, thinking this would be fun again! Watching dress up time, in vintage dresses!

Ahhh, driving in the mountains again to Telluride, Co! Breathtaking scenery, isn't it?

I'll kick back like this cowboy and keep thinkin'!

So, where are you thinking you would like to be?
Do tell~

Have a great weekend!