Thursday, January 30, 2014

Just A Little Nippon~

Nippon Hand Painted Porcelain

I've treasured these pieces of  Nippon porcelain since they were in my mother's
 antique and vintage collections. 
When she gave them to me, I was thrilled!
I was thrilled because I love that they were hers and because I like the dainty details~

I find this interesting...

The word used in the back stamp of famous Asian china, "Nippon," simply means "Japan." 

Nippon china was produced for export to the United States beginning in 1865, when the country ended its long period of commercial isolation, and ending in 1921, when the United States enforced the McKinley Tariff act which prohibited the import of items which were not "plainly marked, stamped, branded or labeled in legible English words.

 As Nippon was considered the Japanese word for the country of origin, "Japan" being the English equivalent, the period of the Nippon china mark came to an end. 

While Japan had a long period of porcelain manufacturing (such as Japanese tea sets), dating back centuries with its close ties to China, Nippon porcelain was produced strictly for Western consumers.
 Early in its porcelain trade, the Japanese government commissioned a number of foreign experts to come to Japan to train people in the production of European styles. They were highly successful in these attempts at imitation, and much Nippon China that was produced bears a strong resemblance to such European porcelain products as Limoges, Belleek, R.S. Prussia and many others.
Today, Nippon porcelain is among the most highly-collected and sought after of all antique china.

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Stay warm ! 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ranch Expedition With My Trusty Camera~

This ranch is dear to my heart. It's history goes back generations. 
More of that history at another time...

For now, just some of the photographs I took a couple of weeks ago.


Have a wonderful day and stay warm!



Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Videos, Songs and Memories, Oh My!

Yes, Oh My....

Okay, I don't know why, but I've been thinking about these songs on this early and cold early morning! Not one single thought to blogging about this today, how things can change in an heartbeat!

Guess the reason is...been up since 4:00 am!  My new computer has so many apps and just could not sleep. So, found some great these videos and songs that bring a tear, not a tear, a bunch tears to my eye! Happy tears, sweet and precious tears.

Am I a wuss or what?

Each song, a huge reminder of each one of my sweet children when they were young and to this day they just melt my heart!

(bear with me, I've never posted a video before!) Don't you just love new challenges?

When our son was just 5 years old, of course he loved this song! He heard it quite often, he had no choice! I listened to it on the radio and then it became our song to belt out when we heard it! Oh the fun! He was my cowboy!

Oh my, Delta Dawn! Do you remember it? I love it!  So yes, it's one that our middle daughter could sing like all get out! I can here her right now just singing her heart out! The tiny little one with a big voice!
Click on this link :)
Delta Dawn Helen Reddy and Glen Campbell.

This last song is the one our youngest daughter just loved to sing! What a sweet little voice that would just come alive when this song came on the radio! It was just so stinking cute to listen to her, we would sing along, she could not have been two!
Click on this link :)
Islands In the Stream! Dolly and Glenn

Funny thing, I had not thought of this before, Kenny Rogers was in all three songs. Well, Delta Dawn, we would listen to just Helen Reddy. I could not find one that I liked, so the duet it is for today! Another wow second date with my husband was to a concert to see Kenny Rogers. Ya thnk I liked Kenny Rogers? I guess I do! Remember his song about  Lucille and his four hundred children! Sorry, got sidetracked!

Oh these memories are just flooding in this morning!

Wish I could figure out how to get these video's on post for you! So, just click on the link and it'll bring up a songs that you'll love ot hear! I just know it! Hhope you can see and hear the videos.
I could listen to them 24/7!

Aren't memories grand? Do you have a song that reminds you of your children? Or just a favorite song in general?

Have a great, warm and happy day, even if it's freezing!

Time Travel Thursday

Monday, January 27, 2014

What A Day!

What a day! Indeed~
I took these pictures this afternoon and it was  81 !
Thinking when I walked out, I have to go back in and get my trusty camera.
Camera now in hand, I took a few shots.
Oh dear...
I'm thinking of all of you in the snow and not enjoying it at all. Then
I'm thinking of all the ones in the snow that are playing and loving it now.
I'm thinking that right now, I'm loving the sun here!
Oh, how it puts a kiddy up in my step!
Oh, and yes, my heart is going pitter patter!
I'm downloading these as fast I can!

Pool is sparkling...won't be that long...
 It's happy!

 This bougainvilla is happy too! Woo hoo!

 Love these blooms!
I can't think right now what the name of this plant is! It's simple, I know! It'll hit soon.

 This hearty loyal!

 See the plane that just took off?  Almost dead center...little left. Love watching them and that blue sky just striking!

The sky looks magical~
Doesn't it?

 Love the blue and greens....

Just love our palm trees, they are so hardy.
Sniff, hope they make it. We are expecting very cold temperatures soon.

Hope you enjoyed a little slice of heaven!
It's 73 right now.
Middle of the night- they say it'll be 46-
Not 40 below! What a blessing!

Take care!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pretty As A Picture~

One cold day last week I had cabin fever, and it was setting in...
It was likely not going to get better.
I know you know that feeling. 
Yes, I needed that outing!

I dropped in to shop at a favorite place of mine, you know,  just to wonder around.
Oh, no thank you, I'm just looking!
You know that need to find a treasure?
Happens that it found me!
It happened in about a 5 minute span.
Walking down the isle, there it was. 
Looking at me and wondering when I was going to make a dash for it! 
Never seen a teapot looking at me!
She was totally charming and oh so, adorable...
Got me~ yes, in my car and right on home!
I'm giddy and the little ones below, they will just love Nana's new tea set too!

Isn't this a pretty little tea set?

Oh my, my little granddaughters!
My heart~
We love to have a
Tea Party!

And they are sometimes before breakfast!

Please come join us,

Tea Party-Anytime -Any place

We know how to pretend, big time!
It's the best fun of all time~
You'll see, they are as pretty as a picture!

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Wherever you are...stay warm and well!


Friday, January 24, 2014

It's The Little Things~


Be still my heart!
This pretty little dish caught my eye right away.
 C.F. Monroe decorated Opal Ware in a variety of forms.
This is one of my favorites!
This 19th Century hand painted Wavecrest dresser jar / pin box is decorated with a
  a sweet peach floral design with raised enamel accents.
 Oh my, you can feel the little accents.
 It also has a very delicate translucent green tint in the opal glass
 on the blown out shell design portion.
Love it!'s the little things~
Isn't it?

Stay warm and take care!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Tablescape Time~

There's something about tablescapes...

I love everything about them!

I think it is because I love to entertain~

From the minute I begin to plan...the fun begins, 

then I'm in a rare crazy mode!

This tablescape made it's debut at a wonderful ladies brunch~
What a fun time filled with so much laughter! 
That happens when you get friends together!
Oh yes, indeed!
So, do you enjoy entertaining and laughing with friends? 
And just get crazy?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Before and After Decor~

 Oh my, I've been thinking. 
Don't worry! 

Seriously, I really love to think about what I'm going to blog about, all the time!

 While in the thinking mode...
 It happens! 
I know that publish button will be hit at some point!

I've decided to share some 
Before and After Decor -




I love Christmas decor-
I love when it's all down too! 
Actually, I'm into seasonal decor and changes. 
It's exhilarating!


Monday, January 20, 2014

Just Pearls~

I love pearls- do you?

I think pearls are ....


I'll share a few looks that I'm crazy about now...
I know I hate waiting...
So, I won't make you! 

Here are a few pins that I'll share with you.

I'm also crazy about Pinterest. 
 Check out my Pearl Board!


Hope you all had a great weekend!
Oh yes, we had the birthday celebration at the ranch. 
Oh my, our 4 year old had a blast!
I'll post some ranch pictures soon.

Have a great week!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Take A Peek - My Newest Treasure~

 This little showstopper was in my hand and purchased as soon as I could get to the register! 

I fell in love with it's simple and elegant design.  
My new little treasure is a Bridal Basket, I believe it to be Circa 1890-1900 

I've read that before the emergence of the bridal bouquet, brides and flower girls in the Victorian era carried wedding baskets down the aisle.  

Can't you just picture delicate little white roses placed in the middle of this sweet basket?

(Oh my goodness, I just get too excited about little finds, like this one!)

What caught my eye was the intricate raised embossed roses all along the rim.  Isn't it beautiful? Look closely at how deep the rose scroll work detail there is surrounding the entire rim of the basket, its amazing!  I'm crazy about the open ridge design along the bottom edge, it is just beautiful!

 Hope you enjoyed taking a peek at my newest treasure!

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Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

An Amazing Number 4 ~

Another special day in our family!


Our little grandson is 4 today and 4 is fun!

His plan- 
Go to the ranch this weekend.
He'll ride his own little John Deere tractor. 
Ride horses, fish, hunt for arrowheads. 
Ride around in a big truck and follow his daddy everywhere!
Ride in the ranch jeep.
Sit in a blind.

Watch for all sorts of animals and count them.
With his own binoculars. 
 He will call the ducks at the lake! 

We will all celebrate with ice cream, cake and much more!

We will have a party that everyone will adore because 

Garrett is  

 an amazing number 4!

Happy Birthday, Garrett!

His sisters love him to pieces!!!
 We love you so much!
Nana and Pop