Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Happy Tuesday!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. 

had an exciting one. Loved the virus that came to visit me. 

Happenings that I didn't get to attend...sniff. I am okay now. 

Grandson's High School Graduation~

Technology is great. I watched live stream online.
Pomp and Circumstance got me. 
Granddaughter's dance recital~
She was perfect, confident and oh so graceful.
I watched all the videos of her dances.
She's holding the flowers that I sent to her before the recital. 
I've never missed a recital. 

Daughter's engagement~
We are beyond thrilled for them! 
They came by, we had a champagne toast~

She also had a birthday yesterday! 
Exciting times!

I finally stopped feeling sorry for myself...don't ask when!

I survived and while all  this was going on without me...I played with my camera and kept myself busy.

My daddy
God bless Our Veterans 
God Bless America!

Love my rosebuds~

There you go! 
Six grandkids,
 Six old pictures of them. 
Had fun with framing. 

Tell me about your weekend! 

Have a great week!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

You Need A Vacation...

Hello my friends,

I'm back after a about 10 days or more due to an awful stiff neck. 

(Oh, and I'm having so much trouble with blogger. Fonts not changing when I when I change and update. Anyone else having issues?)

Anyhow,  painful stupor for about a week. Everything I read said that it would go away, just to take Advil. Ended up at the Urgent Care Center. :(

They looked at me. I cracked a smile. Thank God, I remembered to put my front tooth in. I'm in the middle of a front tooth implant. 

Don't ask. Okay, when I was a kid, I was roller skating down the sidewalk and Mr. Ireland's truck bumper got in my way.

Nurse took my BP. It was a tad bit high. No worries, my pacemaker was just checked. 

Get this, I asked if they could x-ray my neck. Doctor said, "No!" She left the room.

Nurse came in, he gave me a shot for pain. 

Oh great, a prescription for a muscle relaxant.

My diagnosis, Tension Headache.
My thinking, fracture, broken neck, nothing could be that painful and just be tension. Oh well, what do I know. 

$500.00 for tension headache. 

Oh, my sweet pharmacist. After reading the prescriptions, she knew why I could not look at her.

She looked at the prescriptions. First words out of her mouth...

"Mrs. Comer, you need a vacation!"

That one chair is waiting for me~

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Good Songs Are Ageless...

I wish I still had my old record player! 

I'm in music heaven with Pandora Radio! 

Just today, I've listened to these oldies and so many, many more.

 Daydreaming is a wonderful thing. 

Unchained Melody


Stand By Me 


Never My Love 


The Great Pretender


Rhythm of The Rain


What were your favorites as a teenager? Each one I hear, is my favorite!! 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Home and Tradition...

Good Morning, hope everyone had a good night and slept tight!

This is something dear to my heart, it's about remembering home and our traditional holiday dinners. 

I'm very happy to be the one taking on the joy of my mother's china and silverware. 

My memories of her are precious.  Oh the sweet memories of home and our traditional holiday dinners. Mom's tables were magnificent.

It will be a pleasure to set my table with the dishes she picked out as a young bride. Their meaning and emotional value is beyond description. 

Her china is made by Bellaire and the beautiful pattern is Juliana. I just love the scalloped edges. Her silverware is by Wallace and pattern is 
Grand Baroque. Thank you, Laura! I did get the magnifying glass out, sure helped!

Do any of you use your Mother's China and Silverware? 

Would love to hear all about it! 

Is it exciting to create a tablescape with her china and silverware? 

I can't wait! I'll try to  put my creative hat on soon!

Have a sweet, great and happy day!

Some fun coming up!
Join us-

Wow Us Wednesday!

Thoughts Of Home


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Thrill of the Hunt!

Just dropping in for a minute, I'm stressed out just a tad. I'm off for some shopping therapy. Yes, it's for my health. 

You know, I enjoy shopping and even if there's not anything I really need or want, it comforts me. Like the old commercial for Callgon...Callgon take me away. 

Humm...emotional shopping, is that like emotional eating? I don't go to malls, #$%^&^^%$# food courts are there. 

Deal is this. 

I go out to Barnes and Noble, to an Antique Store or Hobby Lobby, Tuesday Morning, you name the store....it's therapeutic shopping. 

I find myself, more often than not, finding things I really would not ever have on my list! Then I put them back, yes, in it's place and I leave happy as a lark! It's the thrill of the hunt that excites me!

Do you ever find things you think are real treasures and then put them back?

Do tell!

Have a great day, sweet friends!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


My Parade of Flowers!

I took a teensy-weensy walk yesterday, okay, I did not get very many steps in.... sigh. But the best part is that I did catch a few shots of some flowers that I have a soft spot for, okay, I love them!

 Is this not a fine looking hibiscus bloom?
God's creations are incredible!

What a brilliant bloom!
Doesn't the color look like Dreamsicle Bar?  
Get this, the upper two blooms are on same plant.  

 My yellow hibiscus plant is really showing off, it is my favorite color. It's truly glorious!

This deep purple petunia looks so velvety now! 
 It's been struggling lately and has perked up since I fertilized it. You know, I use to think, water, water, water! Then a special gardener told me that I need to fertilize too! 
So true.

 Okay, I get side tracked every now and then! 
Ahhh....water flowing takes me away.

 Makes me want to just sit and not do a thing..
except relax, listen and day dream!

 Love the bubbly!

 Hope you all having an enjoyable day! 
I'm off to see what I can do to put some more dazzle my day!

I'll be joining these great parties!

 Outdoor Wednesday!

Share Your Cup Thursday!

Thoughts of Home~

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Entertaining and Fun

Hospitality comes from the heart! 

It's giving of oneself, isn't it? 

And fun!

I love to create a warm and welcoming spot for my family and friends to completely feel at ease. 

Do you find it fun getting ready for a dinner party? 

I just love all of these wonderful colors, they make me happy!

Mikasa Fine China
Flatware - Pottery Barn
Glassware - Crate and Barrel
 Placemats - William Sonoma
Napkins - Bed Bath and Beyond
Silk Flowers - Michaels 

Now what's for dinner?

Steaks and salad? 

Just a few things in that bowl....just wait! 
I put everything except the kitchen sink in my salads!

Drop in for dinner. I'll have some dessert ready too!

I'm off for now...

Have a great day!

Joining Kim for her great party!  Wow Us Wednesday!


Sunday, May 1, 2016

My Stars

My Stars! 

Oh our Nana, she's at it again! 
She says her blog is her scrapbook and so excuse her boasting about us. 

In the blink of an eye, poof a grandchild can be 20! A grandchild can be going off to college and then like this little sweetie, she just turned 16 yesterday!

What a cutie!! 

Oh my heavens...
She turned 16 yesterday! 
Hard to believe! 

Happy Birthday, sweet precious angel!

Birthday girl and her oldest cousin, 
our oldest granddaughter! 

This little cutie just had another birthday!
I can't believe it-
Our youngest granddaughter!

 Loves to play dress up!

And loves our horses at the ranch~

 Aww, our little sweetheart! 
She just turned 8 and she's great!

She's a great little soccer player, great little student, 
great little artist, great little dancer and 
such a precious granddaughter!
Has a heart of gold!

Aww, this little guy! 
 6??? No way!
Lucky boy, an early start to his birthday- sweet rolls! 
A request before school...I think he's a happy boy! 

Has the greatest smile ever!

 His eyes sparkle!

Yes, I called his name!! Oh Nana!!
He loved it! Look at that little grin! 

Look at that proud little six year old with his favorite guy in the whole world, his oldest cousin. 
They are just the sweetest grandsons...
They melt my heart!

Oh and get this....
His amazing cousin, 
our oldest grandson is a Senior in High School and will be playing Lacrosse in college!! 

Oh my, his high school team is playing for the Lacrosse championship SUNDAY Night!  
He was named player of the game last Thursday night!



Here he is after the game and I got a close up!!

Yes, he's quite the actor too! 
He was in the awesome musical this semester, his senior semester,
"Anything Goes!"
I'm proud to say the cast was awarded with the great 
Tommy Tunes Award!

And a very special dance recital is coming up-
We are all getting excited!

 Our middle granddaughter will have four numbers~

Hip Hop

Watching her dance fills our hearts to the brim!

Well, there you have it!

Some fun happenings in our world...

Have a great day, sweet friends!