Friday, February 28, 2014

So, I Brought Her Home~

Oh, this charming little girl looked so adorable sitting in this old antique shop and I must say, she looked like she was really ready to get out of there!
Must have been there way too long and think they were happy to get rid of her too. Poor thing.
They practically gave her to me! I thought she was just so adorable. 
So I brought her home~
The oval frame is nice, right?
I like her little hat.
Don't you love her little basket of flowers?
Her pretty little dress is precious, don't you think?
Now the question I posed to myself-
Where are you going to put her?
Certainly not in a very prominent place...shhh, poor little sweetie.
Anyhow, I got to thinking about one small spot... 

Here she is!
In my Mackenzie-Childs Bathroom-
See the reflection in the mirror- is that not great?
I like the colors-
I just like her-

What do you think?
Keep her?
Good spot?
Bad spot?
Okay, does she scream cheap? 

Have a fun weekend~

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Vintage Pottery and Simple Tablescape~

I started collecting this California Pottery way back in the 70's.
Remember when these colors where all the rage?
I loved this pottery then and I still love it!

I keep candy in this covered casserole, hide it from myself!

 This little chicken, poor thing, thinks she's a rooster.
Don't ask!

 Perfect for a great hot loaf of garlic bread-

 Good for anything!

 Many salads have been made in this awesome salad bowl!

Deviled eggs, please!

 Don't have to re-fill these very often-

This is good for just about anything-

 I like to use some of the pottery in a simple tablescape.
(yes, windows are clean, just a foggy morning!)

 Tablescape Thursday 
Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Scenes From Above...

I love my trusty little camera.
I love photography.
I love what's in store for us when looking up above!

Have a glorious day!


Monday, February 24, 2014

Dancing - Go Figure!

These are two of my favorite figurines. They are dancing to the beat of my Musical Figurines that will be revealed at another time. They just happen to be busy. You know, practice, practice, practice!

Aren't they fun? Made in Japan and with a clover surrounded by a wreath mark on the bottom, these two Figurines are beautifully dressed in Colonial Style Clothing. Love the details. They are made of porcelain and they are just so elegant looking with gold gild and are delicately hand painted too.  She has little red shoes! Okay, I love shoes, notice these things. She has lovely hand painted features, she's just beautiful and oh, so delicate.  The gent has on a deep blue coat with dark tan trousers, lace cravat and cuffs. So very handsome.


The U.S. Customs Bureau ruled that "Nippon" was no longer an acceptable synonym. As of August 1, 1921 all goods were supposed to be backstamped "Japan"  Technically, the Made in Japan Era began when Nippon era ended in 1921, but it really was not that precise. At some point the U.S. Customs Bureau may have required that the words," MADE IN" be added to the backstamps, but this was not always done. Unmarked pieces sometimes slipped through Customs, but most of the ceramics from 1921 to 1941 are marked either "JAPAN" or "MADE IN JAPAN" . Sometimes all pieces in a set are not backstamped. The profit margin on ceramics was slim, and a factory could save a little labor cost by not marking every piece in a set. If pieces in a set have different backstamps, it is because there often was not room for MADE IN JAPAN" or a company logo, so they just used "Japan" on some of the smaller pieces. Early Made in Japan pieces, especially Art Deco and lustres, have come into their own and are very collectible.

Note: There was an embargo on Japanese imports during World War II. No new shipments of Japanese ceramic were imported from 1941 until the end of the war. Pieces already in America continued to sell, It took nearly two years for the first Japanese ceramics to reach America after the war ended.


Oh wait!!!

Oh these two! They were just so sad. Look at those faces,  just pitiful.
They can pout, have that down pat!
They are just so adorable and I just hated to disappoint them.
They know me, I'm a sap!
Hope my little figurines brighten up your day!

Join me at Kim's for 
Wow Us Wednesday~

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Vintage Chicks~

This time of year with the Youth Fairs and Livestock Shows going on sure bring back my 4-H days!
I raised calves, lambs and chickens!
These adorable chickens that I'm struggling to hold were the show's
"Grand Champion Chickens!"

 Get this, I got $50.00 a pound for these little chickens!

Times in 4-H were the best!

Friday, February 21, 2014


This is what you see if you walk in the park!
Wind was blowing - look at the ripples in the water.
Those ducks up on top were just paddling as fast as they could-
going against the flow-
Their morning work out!
I'll be off to see them soon, they
 Quack Me Up
Have a great day!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

1681 Homestead...

Oh my heavens, this was one of my very first post four years ago!

Just thought I'd post again on this 4th anniversary of

Nancy's Notes!

Our Family Homestead~
The Nye Family Homestead and Museum
East Sandwich, Massachusetts

This is the beautiful and natural setting of the Benjamin Nye Homestead and Museum in East Sandwich, Massachusetts. This house was built by Benjamin Nye in 1681. He was one of the first fifty men to settle in Sandwich and he also built one of the first grist mills in the country back in 1669. The house is now used for the Nye Family Association as a Museum. It's a remarable landmark and I am happy to share this with you. Most of the Nye's in the United States trace their roots back to Benjamin, the original Nye in America.

I am a very proud 12th Generation Nye. ( You know, I must get my Nye Book out and check that out, could be 13th)

There are family reunions every two years, Mike and I did attend two amazing and memorable reunions with my parents. I will tell you about the one in 1997, we went for my father's 75th birthday. Well, first off, I had never in my life seen so many Nye's at one gathering. It was remarkable to see my dad present his Nye Cattle Brand at the association meeting one night. It is now a part of the wonderful Nye Museum. The trips up to the reunions were probably the best I ever had with my parents. Spending time at the Homestead gave me a warm feeling of pride, amazing feeling to know my ancestors lived in there and it's all part of my heritage. I was in awe the entire time we were there. It was all so fascinating, I have a dream and that is to have all of our children and grandchildren attend one of the reunions together. One day!

Oh, I just have to mention this, besides the Nye Reunions, there are quite newsy Nye Newsletters sent out to us, a Nye Store in the Museum which is open to the public. Now, if you desire to have something for yourself or a gift perhaps with Nye written on it, you got it! The Nye Store is the place you would want to shop! I have to acknowledge this fact, the stationery is quite lovely with a picture of the Nye Homestead on the front, a very good buy.

Besides having a wonderful time at the reunions, we traveled along the Cape, Cape Cod seashores are absolutely stunning!  Just seeing each historical sight and the numerous landmarks was just thrilling. I still treasure the times we stopped and just looked around in all the quaint little shops along the way...all of the sights around the Cape were truly breathtaking.  The rest of our trip...another post.

Dad and Me
Middle row-just right of center
(Dad has on a gray sports coat and white dress shirt and I am in green and brown, I am to his right)

East Sandwich, Massachusetts, that's it with the red dot.

Benjamin Nye was the son of Thomas Nye and Agnes (Rye) was born 04 May 1620 in Bidlenden, Kent, England. The same year that the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts. Benjamin became a ship hand, at the age of 15, with the Freedom Company. He sailed on the "Abigail" and came to America in 1635. Its not a known fact if Benjamin stayed in America or sailed back and forth for a few years. In 1640, at the age of 20, Benjamin married Katherine Tupper on October 19th, in Sandwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts. Nye men were sea merchants, shipped wrecked at Madagorda Bay. Now you know how (we) the Nye's arrived in Texas. 
Dates, details, etc, that's another post...


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Walking Pretty~

While out walking or puttering around, I always keep my eye out for a photo shoot~

rose another pretty!
yellow rose
rose deep pink
rose lt pink
Orange tree 


I’m off~
Have a great Saturday!
Vintage Print for blog A