Saturday, April 30, 2011

In Loving Memory...

In Loving Memory

9-23-22~ 4-30-09
There are truly no words to express how much I miss you Dad.
I can still hear your beautiful voice, see your twinkling eyes and I feel your tight hugs.
I'll love you forever.

Till me meet again.


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Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Wonderful Day!

Happy Birthday Dear Reilly!!!

What a wonderful day for a birthday
and how wonderful that we get to share 
your special day
In a very special - cyber way~

We are so happy we celebrated with you over the Easter weekend, it was so much fun!

Today we send you a little birthday prayer
that God will send you blessing upon blessing
and may his blessings show 
just how special he holds you!

Happy 11th Birthday sweetie!

You are such a joy and a very special treasure to us and have been for 11 years...WOW! 

We can't believe you are already 11!

We love you sweetie!

(are you really 11?)
Nana and Pop

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blooming Tree Talk...

Flowering annuals, perennials, bulbs, roses, ornamental grasses, shrubs and trees all bring me so much joy, I can hardly stand it! Blooming and fragrant ones, oh my, I just adore! I am totally captivated by a garden brim full with flowers!

I love to plant, water, fertilize and just watch them grow! There's no place like being outside listening to the birds sing, walking around looking at all the blooms bursting with color, I love to bury my nose in the petals for a sweet and pleasant sniff!

I've got some tree talk for you today!

I'm so excited about two new trees that just put out, oh my heavens, they are a spectacular color of purple and have clusters of fragrant trumpet shaped blooms, they are beautiful.

My problem, I did not know what they were until an hour ago.

I called the local plant nursery, after I described to him what I have, he knew right away!

They are Jacaranda trees!

It is a tropical beauty and I was told it blooms once, maybe twice a year.  I'm just tickled purple!! I am so thrilled to have them in my yard! We just moved to our new home last fall, so they were not in bloom, hadn't a clue about them!

What a surprise....and what a gift~
Here are a few photographs so you can see what I am so excited about!

I think it's such a dainty looking tree~

I love the shape of the blooms and the leaves!

The purple blooms have a blue, lilac and pink tint!
 I love the soft blooms~

 Below is what a grown up looks like!

Is this not the most elegant, stunning and enchanting tree ever?  

I'm touched by their beauty!

I'm loving my Jacaranda trees!

Joining Kim for Wow Us Wednesdays!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vintage Tea Party Treasures

Oh, I love Tea Parties!
Big Ones~
Little Ones~

"The tea party is a spa for the soul. 
You leave your cares and work behind. 

Busy people forget their business. 

Your stress melts away, your senses awaken . . ." 
Alexandra Stoddard 

 How I love my little antique tea service pieces

Thinking this may be a place for a tea party~

I just had a quick minute to share a few of my little treasures. 

(You know I have a list a mile long, should not be out and about with my blogging friends. 
(Oh well, this is more fun!)
I'm joining some sweet friends who are having parties this week, won't you join us?

Join Marty~A Stroll Thru Life 

Wow Us Wednesday! 

Between Naps on the Porch

Vintage Thingy Thursday 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Nancy's Notes Today-

 Not even a photograph- sorry.

Well friends, my notes today are not much to post about, but I'll humor myself and take a look at my list again.

Things to do:

Laundry (I always start on Monday- don't ask about when it's really done.) Two loads down, two to go. Oh joy.

Go to the cleaners.

Start self cleaning oven. 

Go to Home Depo  (I really need some lantana and gardenia plants.)

Get birthday gifts and pick up some birthday cards. (So many birthday's this month, no problem, a great month.)

Work on new filing system. (my system, throw in drawer.) 

Call and get hair appointment- color and cut. (I hope Debbie can take me asap, if not, I'll just do it myself...yikes.)

Clean out closet, get rid of things that are too big. (ha, just kidding)

Blow out the garage. I have a new piece of outdoor equipment...I have to say, love it. I got it at Home Depo and it's light and electric and only $29.00. Humm...wonder how it works indoors. Blowing away dust.

Need to get back into the blogging mode. I'm stumped. (can you tell?)

I renewed Mr. C's vehicle registration, big mess. I put in our old Austin address and that was even after 2 cups of full strength coffee.  How did they handle this when I talked to them at the County Motor Vehicle office? Don't ask.

Work out. (I'm not motivated yet.)

Head to the mall and return items. (And they were... not too big-)

Woke up early this morning, I mean 5:00 a.m.  Cable was out, now that really ruined the start of my day. Threw me off and it's a busy week and I'm still sitting here. 
This is not good my friends.

Get my Milk Glass collection out of box, take pictures and blog.

By now, checks are all I should see on this list. (shoot)

Wish I could start all over. Bed is made, no way that will happen.

Hope your Monday is full of checks.

Is it really almost noon?

The dishwasher is still running from the breakfast dishes.

What is it they say about work and never being done?

Maybe I'll go outside and photograph something, it's really no fun to work off a list.

Tootles out there~


Oh, by the way, I just found out that Google offers a way to easily manage and track everything you need To-Do. The nifty gadget lets you create multiple To-Do lists, each with a unique purpose, now that's just great.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Heart of the Home and Table Top Tuesday~

Today I'll be joining two sweet friends, Shiela is hosting her Heart Of The Home Party and Marty is hosting her 59th Table Top Tuesday. Join in on the fun!

The Heart of our home is, without a doubt, our kitchen~

You really don't want to see all of my cabinet doors open~
I've got my copper up on top, it was mom's, so sweet of her to give it to me! I love it.

Yes, every cabinet if full!
There's my little friend, my chicken, who thinks she's a rooster..shhhh, not a word, old and cranky. Hates being photographed. Facing the other way, see?? Already pouting.

I love these glass door fronts, the one in the middle is for potatoes~
No, I don't keep bread in the roll top, I should,, but I have aprons in the drawer!

California Pottery in here~

More of my favorite pieces of my California Pottery~

I've got my favorite little coffee and tea set in this cabinet~

Remember, join the party at Notesongs with Sheila and Marty for Tabletop Tuesdays!

Need to scoot, have a great week!


Friday, April 1, 2011

Heavenly Hibiscus!

Oh no, no, no....

Not the Vodka Cocktail or Hibiscus Tea, but my heavenly and gorgeous Hibiscus Flowers! They are a sight to see!

 Each day, there are even more buds!
 Look at the frilly edges...

Oh my, I can't believe it! 
 I  have had my plants for two years, first time that this particular hibiscus plant has bloomed! 
I'm elated~

They are just blooming profusely and are out of this world gorgeous, aren't they?

I could not stand it, I just had to join Tootsie and 
Flaunt My Flowers!

Join Tootsie and Flaunt your Flowers~

Have a wonderful weekend!