Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Favorite Thing to do on Thursday!

Just Fences~

A favorite thing to do on Thursday is join Tex for

"Just Fences." 

I have big fences, small fences, barely can see fences and no fences! 

This is one of my favorite cardinal shots on a cool looking fence! 

Wait, wait!
That's not my good side!!!
I was not ready!!!
Are you sure you got a good shot? 
Loves to show off! 

Ahhh, birds are so darn cute!
Such a ham!

Have a great day!!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Container Gardening...a great idea for my husband! Right?

Okay friends, my husband has been told by his physical therapist to find a hobby! He's really loving the one he has. Watching TV. 


Well, I am thinking he might like to grow tomatoes. So, I thought a container garden is a genius way to get him outside to grow some vegetables and maybe some herbs. RIGHT?

Simple? Yes! 

When it warms up, we will head to Home Depo. (Poor guy gets white knuckled when I drive.) 

My thoughts....





Will see when it's time to plant. 
I'm going to get him a copy of Farmer's Almanac.

I'm trying to get him to play scrabble too! 
Nope...not happening. know, those new color books for big people? 
He tried. 
Lasted less than a minute.

(I like it, it's a huge stress reliever.)

Emptying the dishwasher...
I know, I won't push it!

Have a wonderful day and keep warm, friends! I hear there is a winter storm brewing out there!



Sunday, January 17, 2016

Important message from me...

Hello dear friends,

I've been away for quite awhile. My last entry was when my mother 
was here visiting. She then got very ill and Hospice was called in. She has 24/7 care now and is doing remarkable well. She's a strong lady and will continue to live life!

My plan is to keep on blogging. It's my sanity, it's my peace, it's stress free and I love reading all of your wonderful blogs! 

For now I feel compelled to share my husband's three stroke experiences. He had his 3rd stroke after Christmas on December 27th, 2015. His strokes have all been due to a blood disorder called Lupus Anticoagulant.
Maybe this story will help save someone's life. Prompt attention and calling 911 is crucial. What I want to encourage everyone to do is to pay attention to what your body is telling you. He saved his own life by calling 911.
3rd Stroke- 
Sunday, December 27, 2014.
9 years to the day of 2nd stroke, he had his 3rd stroke.
I had driven down to the Valley from our home here in The Woodlands, Texas with our daughter Cari. We were going down to visit my mother who has been very ill. At 1:30 that Sunday, the 27th of December I received a call from EMS from The Woodlands, Texas. Mike had called 911 when he started feeling dizzy, had double vision, was nauseous. He knew he did not feel right. He saved his own life! EMS had to break in our home and found him on the floor and got him to the hospital. He saved his life by calling 911.
He felt different, he listened to his body and called 911. IMPORTANT. HE SAVED HIS LIFE.
1st Stroke-
Mike's first stroke was December 17, 2006, he was just 57. He was driving and he started to feel different and he knew something was not right. He drove himself to Westlake Hospital and by the time he reached the door to ER, his body was already setting into a paralyzed state. They immediately transferred him by ambulance to St David's Hospital. They gave him the TPA clot busting drug within the three hour window. It is a miracle drug that can minimize stroke damage by dissolving the clot and improving blood flow. The drug worked. Thank God! I literally saw his body relax and respond to the drug within seconds. He was in St. David's Rehab Hospital for physical therapy for 10 days. He was to be released December 28th.
Remember, he felt different, he listened to his body and was around the corner from a hospital and drove himself there immediately. HE SAVED HIS LIFE.
2nd Stroke-
Not even being in the hospital helped him then. The worst thing happened the night before coming home. He had a second stroke in the hospital. The nurses thought he had fallen and they got him back in bed and did not call the doctor or me. They called me at 6:am to tell me he had fallen. OMG, I was there immediately and when I saw him and talked to him, I knew! I knew he had had a stroke! When the doctor arrived they ran tests and the worst was confirmed, he indeed had suffered a stroke. His entire right side was paralyzed to different degrees. He was in a rehab hospital for along time. With God's help, hours and hours of physical and speech therapy, he was able to talk, walk with a cane and drive again!
December 31, 2015
New Years Eve-

Mike got out of the hospital. He's home, he's a walking miracle. 2016 was started at home and out of the hospital! Praise God!
He is walking now with a new set of fancy wheels, a new walker with rollers and a seat! He started PT last week and I know with his determination, prayers, and God's help he will get there.
My message to each one of you is to listen to your body, listen to what it is telling you. If it feels odd, different, don't hesitate to go to the hospital or call 911.
Don't wait or hesitate.
Here's one of my favorite pictures of my husband at the ranch, our favorite place to spend time! He will be better in no time at all and we will be back to our little slice of heaven!
love the twinkle in his eyes~