Monday, June 18, 2012


Just thinking...

You know, I could really sit for hours if I were not blogging and flip through decorating books and magazines, could you? 

Okay, have you ever taken one of those decorating attitude tests? 

Well, if you have not, a question would go like this.

# 1 After a hard day, you would love to come home to a room:

A. With soft comfortable seating, a fire in the fireplace, lots of family pictures surrounding you?

B. With large areas of glass, a few pieces of classic furniture (both old and modern,) and a collection of contemporary art and sculptures?

C. With quiet elegance, Queen Anne furniture, and mellow Oriental rugs?

#2 You would prefer to sit and read in:

A.  In a squishy and comfy armchair covered in soft, nubby fabric, where you can see geraniums blooming on a patio overlooking a pool?

B. An antique Chippendale wing back chair covered in Toiles de Jouy and close to lovely French doors that open onto a garden with a water fountain?

C. A classic steel and leather chaise positioned to view the skyline at sunset?

 Oh my, confusion has set in!

Check out Better Homes and Gardens Decorating books, similar and confusing questions are there. 

Oh dear, I've changed my answers so many times. One day I feel one way, another day....who knows!

I read that that each home should have a specific style, whether it's rustic, contemporary, classic or just plain eclectic. ...  

You don't want your home looking like a garage sale, so if you can't make up your mind, use the different styles in separate rooms. 


Wow, had not ever thought that my home could possibly look like a garage sale style! I'll take just plain eclectic! 

What's your style?  

Not a bit related to this post, but Nana could not resist!

Check out their dress up style! 

Just plain fancy!

Loving that lipstick!!! Eye shadow too...

Oh my, high heels feel off somewhere!

(Dresses were my daughters, gracious humpteen years ago. Have many!
(I'm a pack rat)

Ta Ta~

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

Thinking of you Dad...

I sit and look at your photos, each one priceless.
They are each a treasure.
I can still gaze upon your face and in my mind I can hear your voice.
You were the best father, you listened with your heart to every word that I spoke.
I always felt loved.

I love and miss you so much.

You are in my heart each second of every day.

You were so full of life, always happy, always positive and always full of joy!
Oh my, you so loved the ranch, practicing law and your family-

You taught me so much about life, being positive and having faith...
I can still hear your laughter~
You were the best DAD ever!

And a cherished Granddaddy too!

Our son was blessed to be your first Grandchild and Grandson!
Dad Randy and Son Randy~

Love this picture of you holding Randy when we went to see your grandmother- Mama Grande.
My great-grandmother and Randy's great-great grandmother!

Another great picture of you, mom, my daughters and granddaughter...
Our family Christmas time together was wonderful.

Oh, how you loved your grandbabies and great grandbabies!

 Most handsome cowboy-ever!

Happy Father's Day to three wonderful Guys-
Son Randy, Hubby Mike, aka Pop and Son In Law, John

Happy Father's Day to my great brothers~



Friday, June 15, 2012

Home Within the Heart~

June Family Favorites!

"Our Oldest Three Grands!"
Sweetie on left is our middle daughter's daughter. She's 16! 
Where does the time go??

The two sweetie's on the right, are our son and daughter in law's, son and daughter-
He's 14 and he passed me up years ago and get this, the sweetie on the right...
she's 12 and passed me up! We measure all the time!! 

She does look shorter, but I'll admit, I'm up on a higher spot!

(Aren't they just too cute???)

Freeze drying them, did not work!!! 

Our daughter, me and daughter in law.
Daughter's are just so beautiful...and taller. 

(We waiting to be seated at a restaurant and we are waiting on the men!)

Our Son and Middle daughter.

I'm blessed with more fun memories we made this last weekend! Always a blast and lots of laughs!

We sure missed our youngest daughter, her husband and our three youngest grands-
 they were on a beach trip with SIL's family.

I'll be back, I have new camera!! 
New Toy...Woo Hoo!! 
No telling what I'll photograph!! I'll be roaming around!
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Snack Attack!

"A Treat Buffet!"

(And no chocolate and they loved it!)

(Yes, those are Easter napkins and plates...not Easter, but cute! Right?)

Nana's Menu

Juicy clementines

Deep Blue blueberries

Spicy chex Mix

Crunchy caramel Rice Cakes

Scrumptious sliced strawberries

Nutty peanut butter crackers

Delicious little carrots

Awesome onion dip

Crispy potato chips

Delicious sliced apples

Refreshing Lemonade

I do think they loved the buffet!


"I'll have one of those now, Mommy!"
(Our daughter...what a mom! Yes, bragging again, isn't she gorgeous?)

 "Nana, this is so much fun!!!"

Look at that happy one first in line! Leader of the pack~
Check out little Missy behind big sis, love that little stance!

(They know when Nana has her's smiley time!)

"I think I needed a plate for each snack." 

Check out Pop...our little grandson is acting just like him! 
 Pop is beaming!

What a cutie, see her little eyes? I do think she's about to hit the buffet line again!
Of course, everyone is already there for round two!
"Oh are just amazing, I mean the best!"

That Pop is acting silly, again!

"Oh Pop!!"
"You are a riot!"

Bye for now~

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Santa Fe Artist...

 Awhile back we took a road trip out west and I met this wonderful artist in Santa Fe! 

Her name is Patricia Wyatt and she sells her art on the square.  
She was so personable and just a lovely lady! 
I could have spent hours listening to her talk about her art work.

She said that she uses water colors, colored pencils, oil pastels and 
ceramic stucco on water color paper and canvas. 

I love the vivid and brilliant colors of her art!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Show Stopping Color...I hope~

I'm so inspired by the magazine I just bought and published by...
Better Homes and Gardens
Container Gardening~

Around our pool area I've got some big pots filled with flowers
They are quite simple and stand alone.
Now, I am thinking of adding some show stopping color in the sun and shade with some great looking, and different looking containers. 
My new thing...

Container Gardening.

How about you, do you plant flowers in containers or just in the ground, or both? 
Would love to hear what does well in this horrid summer heat we are already experiencing!

Hope you all had a great weekend~

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