Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Treasure

 I have always been fascinated with cookbooks, the older, the better.

Believe me, It's not because all I ever want to do is cook!

It's a bit of love for food, love for books and love for history.

I'd like to share one of my favorite cookbooks with you~

It's the amazing...

The Congressional Club Cookbook
12th Edition

It's a collection of National and International Recipes from those women who have
graced our country as

First Lady of the Land.

This cookbook was donated by a Texas State Representative's wife and was auctioned off at a charity event back in April- 2003. I was the lucky one that took it home that night.

It's a regal cookbook!

There are so many wonderful recipes from the entire Congressional Club in this fabulous cookbook.

By the way, the Congressional Club introduced their first cookbook in 1927!

I just read that you can purchase the newest edition, the 14th Edition from the Club.


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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Blooming Like Crazy...

Oh my heavens, I was not planning on posting on my blog today...
but it's a must!

I was out and about with my trusty little camera yesterday morning...
what a find!

Okay, it's my hibiscus plant~
She's showing off again. 
Oh, she's so proud and not a bit shy about blooming! 

Take a look~
Just blooming like crazy!

It's just sad that their blooms appear and last for only one day.

This one is pure...

She's let me know that she'll keep blooming until a killing frost, I know I'll feast my eyes on hundreds of blooms this season! 

Now, you must remember this, Hibiscus flowers appear on the ends of branches, so do not pinch off late in the growing season, or the hibiscus flower will be delayed into late summer.

Ta Ta~