Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm a winner...thanks to Home and Heart!

Oh my!  I just found out that I'm a winner!
Thank you Jody @  Home and Heart !

PS  Busy for the week with grandchildren... little time to get to my blog and all of yours!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Bloggerette Sorority Party

I'm in a Rush!
This is a big day!
I am thrilled to be joining Karen @
Some Days Are Diamonds! 

Be sure to visit Karen to see who all has joined our sorority.
As of last night, I hear we have 137 Sorority Sisters from all over the world!
For our Rush Project, we were all asked to create something beautiful 
with these lovely "sisters".
No other rules - well except one. 
We have to take our new creation 
and take our picture with it  
Here's what I had so much fun creating .

I was having so much fun,  I decided to get one of my favorite boxes out, it was embellished too!

See you at the party!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Bloggerette Sorority" Coming Soon!

"Some Days Are Diamonds"
Bloggerette Sorority Party ~
Friday, June 25th

Please drop in on Friday to see my
sensational   little creation!

 Rush time, no big fuss,  just fun!
Want to know more about it? 
Join Us!

 See Karen, she's the "Sophisticated Lady" over at
"Some Days Are Diamonds!"

Monday, June 21, 2010

Beach Break - Four Generations- Girls Only

Back from a great island break.
I took my trusty little camera and just finished creating several collages.
 Hope you enjoy!

Yes, those flowers were on the beach near the boardwalk!

Beach Art in the condo...yes, I took pictures!
When camera is in my hand, no telling what I'll shoot!

Four generations!
Mother, daughter, granddaughter and great granddaughter!
Yes, my mother, my daughter and my granddaughter, we had so much fun!

Shhh...don't tell my mom, I even took pictures of some of her artwork at the condo!
In case,  you read this, I think you are a great artist Mom! 
(Soon, I'll photograph all of her art work...shhh)

That's all for now!

Have a great day!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Thoughts

Dad, oh how I miss you! I wish I could have you back for just one day, for just one hug and for one more
 "I love you, Dad!"
Dad, you are always in my heart, I hug you yet.
I see you each night when I look up, your star shines bold and bright.

My favorite picture of us.

Dad, Mom, my three brothers and me.

Dad, you loved us, you showed us every day in your every action, in every way and with each hug and kiss. You were loved as a son, a husband, a father, grandfather and great grandfather and as each one,
a special treasure. You will always be in our hearts, loved beyond measure.
Happy Father's day to my wonderful brothers,
 Al, Ray and Jimmy.

I can't let the day go by or any day go by without thinking of my precious mother. My dad loved and adored her for a lifetime of years, she was the heart of his life.
They were never apart and never wanted to be apart. They were two people, but shared one loving heart.
 Happy Father's Day to three handsome, incredible and awesome dads!
Our son, Randy, my husband Mike and our son in law, John!

Today is the U.S Open at Pebble Beach.
Mike and I will watch all the action today and relive our times playing at Pebble Beach.

On this day and always,
With love and precious memories,

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Crazy About Them!

I never meant it to be a "Cookbook Collection", but I think I have one! I am crazy about them! I must have about 80 some odd cookbooks.  I get so much pleasure sitting down and just flipping through the pages and getting ideas, the photographs are almost always awesome and absolutely mouth watering, to say the least. Recipe after recipe, I never tire. There are just so many recipes of various kinds and seasons of entertaining, so much more of this and that. Some might ask where I keep all of my cookbooks. Let's see, some are in my kitchen, quite of few of them are in my office nook and many up in a cabinet. At various times or another, some often end up on our family room coffee table. I can't forget to mention cooking magazines. Saveur, Cooking Light, Bon Appetit, and Gourmet are the ones I so enjoy along with Wine Spectator.

This is my second Pinata, my daughter gave me a new one, think she decided it was time!
Below is my first and very used one.
I had to keep a rubber band around happy I have the new one.

My oldest cookbook
Copyright 1954 by General Mills, Inc.

 This one was copyright in 1959 by General Mills, Inc.

As you can see, I have my computer near all of those cookbooks and a few other non-related books. Oh and the numerous cooking and recipe sites on the internet, in the blink of an eye, there up on the screen, love them too! I don't think you can see, but you might catch a glimpse along with the cookbooks, some books on diets.
Imagine that?
Weight Watchers, Atkins, Jenny Craig, to  name a few!

Just a note to Nancy, there is a pattern here.
You think!
No problem and that's my story!

There's always Pilates, Yoga, Jazzercise, Spinning, Treadmill and the Wii~
Got them all covered~

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Necessities and Temptations

Sitting here having my cup of coffee, my little slice of heaven and pondering what I'll blog about today. Can you believe there just happens to be a party ? It's Table Top Tuesdays, this is where we show off all of our vignettes, treasures and things we love!  

I'll join many that escape to blogs where you can find blogs on decorating, cooking, humor, comfort, art, family, gardening, there's just so many kinds of blogs, it's truly amazing. They are an inspiration to me. I have found that blogging is much more than reading and writing, it's being creative, it's empowering, it's expanded my imagination, I am more inspired by little things that maybe were not ever noticed before. It brings new challenges and awareness, oh so satisfying! I know there are many like me, blogging is a new discovery and it's a simple pleasure.  

 Suppose I'd better get back to the party and see what I'll be showing off today!  I just got off on a tangent, didn't I? Happens!

I happen to cherish things that are just pretty. I love small plates, cups, saucers, creamers, sugar bowls, pitchers, boxes and too many to list. They speak to me, I think there are way to many that have my number.  I am captivated by them if they have a floral pattern, just a feast for my eyes! Such lovely and exquisite little things!

Come with me and I'll show you my newest little treasures, they tempted me and it was necessary that I add them to my collection of little treasures!

 This 19th Century Wave Crest dish is made with embossed glass with enameled floral decorations with little handles and rim.   
I knew this one was coming home with me! I love it.

I just had to have this, it's floral, what's not to love!
Royal Crown Derby creamer and sugar bowl. Made in England.

This spoke to my heart, I knew this one was necessary to own right away!
James Kent Chelsea Rose Chintz creamer and sugar bowl.
 I love the anything floral! 

Immediately this was in my hand! 
Miniature Pembrook creamer and sugar bowl reproduction of 18th century Aynsley design. I like the blue birds in the floral garden, it's gold trim, embossed design and scalloped rim.

Hope you enjoyed taking a peek at my latest Necessities and Temptations! 

Have a  great day!

Linking to Marty's Tabletops Tuesday~

Monday, June 7, 2010


I'm back and yes the photographer bug got me again! It was truly a joy.  I am so pleased, the sunsets cooperated with me this past week, I am and have always been in awe of sunsets.

Why do I love them so? The beauty, the forever changing state. The yellow is so bright, the hues and tints, incredible, the sky is truly brilliant, it consumes my thoughts and feelings. I think of the heavens above. My sunsets take me to another place, I feel like I am in heaven, the day is done, the beauty of it all takes my breath away.

Hope you enjoyed my little slice of heaven.

Join the fun over at Mary's Little Red House!

Have a wonderful week!