Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Texas Wildflowers!

Have been out of pocket the last few days. I drove down to South Texas to see my sweet Mom and oh my, if you have not seen Texas Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush, you are missing out! What a sight! I'll share a couple of photographs that I have found that are exactly what I saw on the way there! Of course I could show you the ones with the steering wheel in the middle of the photograph, the dashboard and rearview mirror, and the window half way down taken with my iphone, but I won't. As you can see,  the flowers are stunning! I am sure you can see how one could forget that you are suppose to be driving and not looking out the window! Texas Wildflowers are a must to see.

I have missed blogging. There is  not doubt about it, I am hooked. I mean, hook, line and sinker! I am hoping to post soon, do have one day to get ready for family to arrive for Easter. Will be reading your posts soon, maybe even on my iphone in the middle of the night tonight, do you ever do that?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Grayson!

Happy 12th Birthday Grayson!

My favorite old picture of us at the ranch!

From our little cowboy to our tall and handsome baseball player, oh my, no longer small,  he's a handsome young man and ever so tall and his face is always aglow! He's a competitive boy and the pitcher of his baseball team,  yesterday he pitched a winning game! Oh Grayson is such a sweetheart, a treasure! He is so loving, caring, his smile melts my heart. He's the greatest a grandson can be and we are are so very proud of him!

We love you Grayson!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Ten Questions

I’ve been tagged by the wonderful blog White Spray Paint to answer a few questions. She is a kindred spirit, no doubt about it, she's a dear friend and this is for you Laura, the one and only Laura!
Give us a list of 10 simple questions, and you are probably going to get more than you may have expected.

1. What makes you feel happy?

Absolutely the best time is when our kids are all home. Our home is so full of life when they are home or when we are all together. My heart is simply singing the entire time. it's a party! There's fun, laughter, cooking, playing games, building things, playing with Barbie dolls, arts and crafts, boating, shopping. It's always so laughter, teasing, and hugging!

2. What makes a song popular for you, the lyrics of the song or the melody?

I have to say both are important to me, however it is the lyrics that truly make the song a favorite for me.

3. How much does your imagination weigh?

Oh my, sometimes too much and then sometimes not so much!

4. Do you enjoy having discussions about politics with other people who have different opinions

Oh yes. I love engaging in a good conversation. I am always interested in another's point of view, and I will always listen, then I always think I am right.

5. What have you taught your children and hope that they learned?

That faith and values are most important in life.

6.  What do you think about when you can't fall asleep?

Recently, blogging and what I'll photograph next!!

7. What is one great truth for daily living?

I think positive and optimistic attitudes are so necessary in life. I believe in the power of prayer and postive thinking.

8. What is the best thing about grandchildren?

Oh my, they are always full of happiness and so much joy! They fascinate me! They are a hoot, and their love is just unconditional, oh my heavens, it's such a privilege to spend time with these little blessings! I stand in awe as I look at them, everything is so perfect and special about each one of them! My heart is just filled up to the top with love for each one of my precious grandchildren, I am blessed.

9. Living persons you admire?

Anyone dealing with a long term illness and gets through each and every day, knowing it'll be the same the next day.

10. Greatest Achievement?

By far and large, raising my beautiful children to be truly amazing adults and parents.

If you are reading this, I invite you to create your own list and post it for all to see.

Have fun!!


Thursday, March 25, 2010


Grayson is our oldest grandson and this picture is of him at his baseball game, he is about to turn 12!! Garrett is our youngest grandson and just turned two months old. They are cousins, our son Randy and his wife Holly are Grayson's parents and our daughter Jen and her husband are Garrett's parents!  Oh, Nana thinks they are just so very handsome! Grayson is taller than me now and with the way Garrett is growing, he'll  pass me up before I know it! 


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Time For A Change

Well, goodness gracious! After visiting so many incredible home decorating blogs, I think I am due for some re-doing around here!

Okay, this is where I am at now...always planning! 

I think I am getting a bit closer to making a decision about bringing in some spring color to a some areas that are way too dark, spring is here, the autumn and wintery centerpieces, have to put away.  I am anxious to have some bright and beautiful spring colors surrounding me, inside and out!

So, here is what I have now, and of course dear husband thinks they are fine...they don't understand, do they? They are great for fall and winter...but not for now!

Take a look, see what I mean?

 Now, the question in my mind is this, to make my own certerpieces or head to Fancy Plants! I did get these at Fancy Plants. By the way, when we have company or dinner parties, I do like to use fresh flowers...
I love these colors in these centerpieces!

Bright colors is what I am aiming for.  I may show you what I have created!!
(depends if they are bought or Made By Nancy)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Be Still My Heart

I just received these pictures of our daughter and our oldest granddaughter. I can't believe she will be in High School so very soon!  Don't you think we should be able to freeze dry grandchildren when they are toddlers?? Yikes! Wish time would just slow down!! Waiting for our son and his family's pictures too, they all went on a cruise.

Be Still My Heart

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Old Friends...

Old friends lighten up our lives, don't they? We just had dinner Saturday night with some friends that are our "oldest' friends, we don't say "old" too loud, we are all still young and so young at heart! These friends introduced Mike and I, as matter of fact, it was not our choice! Jane called me one Saturday years ago and said to me, "Nancy,  Don and I  "ARE" picking you up at 5:00 tomorrow, we are going to a pool party." Okay, I was ready the following day, you just don't say no to my sweetheart of a friend Jane! We arrive at the home of the hosts. We walk through their home and out back to there lovely back yard and by the pool was one man and that one man was grilling and was wearing a white button down startched shirt, blue jean cut offs and flip flops. Oh and I look around and the only ones I see at this party? Jane and Don, the hosts and me and the one at the BBQ grill! Oh yes, it's a set up for sure... Six people. 2 couples married and two single, go figure this one out!

Think the matchmaking worked, took quite a while, but we will be married this coming August 3, 2010 for 25 years, yes, our silver anniversary! We are blessed.

 By the way, I am working on a clearer picture, you know, the photograph is is almost 25 years old!                                                       

Horace, Kathy, Mike, Me, Jane, Don

Friday, March 19, 2010

Gardening Austin Style

These are the first blooms I have seen! As I walked around my yard this morning, I was pleased to see them beginning to ease out into a bloom! There are many more, these are just the first ones to perk up and are gently saying they are ready for Spring. These plants thrive with minimal care, I mean minimal! The ones we have in our yard are all mostly deer resistant since we have a little situation we have to deal with, my friends, yes, the deer! They'll just make themselves at home and make a meal out of just about anything that is beautiful and enjoy it all in a heart beat! We have even had one looking in our front door, stood there like he was about to ring the door bell!
I have given you all a little  peak of  our Petunias, Black Dalea, Salvia, Society Garlic, Mountain Laurel and Pink Skullcap!  I'll be back soon with these native and adapted plants in full bloom!

It’s Fertilizer Friday at Tootsie Time, join the fun!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things...

These are a few of my favorite things! What a profound sense of bliss I felt when I had my photographer hat sitting on my head. You would have thought I was setting the stage for Home and Garden photo shoot! Oh my, setting the stage, the lighting just right, getting that perfect angle, choosing the right pieces, ahh, the little things in life! (you'll be very pleased to know that I am only sharing four. Ahem, this photo shoot…I loved each special photograph! Now I’ll have to start an album, one thing leads to another, doesn’t it? 

" favorite"
a  little cup and saucer.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Box Collection

I have always been fascinated with little boxes and do love collecting them.

Any and all kinds - all shapes and sizes. From small ceramic boxes, very old English sterling silver boxes to vintage Japanese lacquer boxes to charming little handcrafted wooden boxes.  Each one unique and treasured.

Today, I just decided I'd share my little collection with you!

Anyone find joy in box collecting too?

These last three were my Grandmother Newton's little treasures, love them!