Saturday, February 27, 2010

Randy, Cari and Jen

These three pictures say a thousand words, they say so many sweet things, they say love and so many wonderful things that I store in my heart! Randy, Cari and Jen! These are my children and these are just a few of my favorite pictures of them! I love the sweetness in their faces, the light in their eyes and their soft little smiles...

Another favorite!

Oh, how they light up my life! Thier eyes sparkle, don't they?
Hey who says we can't brag about our own kids? If we don't, who will?
I am a very proud Mom!

Ready for Spring...

I am tired of winter.
I am ready for spring.


My poor dreadful pots and plants are just craving for some sun! Does our back deck look bare and dead or what? Would like them to look like the pictures I have of them last spring! I know it won't be long, spring will no doubt arrive. It has been such a cold and soggy winter here in Austin and I am ready for some green to sprout out! A little color would be nice too. I's February, I had better hush.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Garrett Michael

On January 15, 2010, I experienced the wonder of another precious grandchild, a grandson. Garrett Michael was born and this handsome little baby boy was blessed with such a powerful and special name. When I heard his name, oh how my heart skipped a beat. Garrett was my great grandfather's name and Michael is the name of a very incredible man, my husband. Garrett's first week on this earth was one that showed his strength, power and might. Already a tough little boy when he was taken home after being hospitalized for a week, Garrett had many prayer warriors sending out knee mail requests. Prayers were answered and this sweet and adorable baby boy is now perfect. God is Good! Off to a good start now, I know Garrett's world will be filled with all things that are rough and tough, a "BOY." He'll be climbing on, swinging from, running around or jumping on to everything, I can see it now! His older sisters will no doubt spoil him and at times they will just tolerate him, I am sure. He is another adored grandchild that I can dote on, cuddle, squeeze, pamper, play with and of course, bounce on my knees. I delight in the marvel that is my new grandson, Garrett Michael.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Reagan Caroline

A beautiful baby girl made her grand entrance, my heart was in my throat again as I looked at this little tiny blessing from above. From the moment of her first coo, Reagan Caroline could light up the sky with her sweet precious face and bright blue eyes. She's an angel, she's a cutie, she's had my heart from the day she was born, March 2nd, 2008. Reagan is just so adorable, has precious dainty little curls and is just a cutie pie! She finds delight in everything she does, her sweet little voice so delicate and yet when she sqeels it sounds of pure delight, oh God did make little girls so sweet!

Elizabeth Ainsley


Friday, February 19, 2010

Catherine Reilly

Little Miss Catherine Reilly honored us with her presence on April 28, 2000. She entered this world with a one of a kind flare! She was little sis to Grayson and she had a playmate for life! Reilly made her debut as the little sister and was ready to play! She is not your average girl, she can hit and she can run better than any boy on her team and she will do it all in fun. She is all wrapped up in all the things that can brighten up a face and when she laughs her face lights up with such a glow that it just warms your heart! Reilly is so huggable and lovable, my heart leaps with joy when she runs up to me!


Catherine Reilly LaGrange