Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer Time Happenings...

I sure had a glorious dark thirty kind of a start to my day early this morning 
enjoyed watching the sun come up!
I had a cup of coffee 
thought of my friends in blogland! 

Like I'm doing again now!

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer. 

My summer has been filled with 
this, that and the other! 
with some time with the ones that
 light up my life! 

This picture was taken at our daughter and son in law's new home.
It's always a blast when we are all together! 
Of course the grands know Nana has to have a picture of all six of them! 

The girls and our Fire Chief!

Our daughter and son in law, they were the ones that lived a few minutes away from us with the little ones...now they are almost 7 hours away! Sigh....

....shh, I'll show you a picture of their new home. I love it, think it's so pretty!! They have a beautiful pool in back...flowers, trees, green trees, big green trees!

Now our three kids and grands live in the same city! 
Without us...pooh.

Ellie: (8 yrs.) Nana, we found a house for you! It's in our neighborhood and we all think you'll love it! Can                               you live in our neighborhood? 

Nana: (old)  Oh sweetie, of course we would love to live in your neighborhood! I'll check it out on Zillow                                     and hope it's still for sale when we do move.                              
Reagan: (6 yrs.)  Nana, I need to ask you a question. Are you and Pop really going to move here? 

Nana:  Oh sweetie, of course we are! Yes, of course,                                    some day.

Garrett (4 yrs.) Nana, can you come you come over and play with me? 

Nana: Oh sweetie, we don't live close to you anymore, remember? If we did, I'd be right over to play. 

Garrett: Nana, you can come now... there are a lot of  houses here....you will like them, just come see us now, they are free! 

Ahhh, these little ones can melt your heart, can't they? 

I'll be back soon~ Take care of you!