Monday, September 28, 2015

Inspired By Color~

I love yellow. 

What can I say?? True!

I've loved yellow back since the early 70's. Do you remember when the trend in yellow or golds were fancied up and called harvest gold and remember the color that went with it? Avocado green! 

I like to refer to the colors as pumpkin, harvest yellow, you know, warm earthy colors!

Well, I'll keep this short and sweet and my plan is to share some lovely photographs that I found in an old Better Homes and Gardens Book. 

This did crack me up. A question in the book was, do you have visual tension in your house? 
I think not! 
Humm, allergy headache?  Maybe it's the visual tension in my house! 

Well, here's a quick look of some of my favorite rooms that are in my old book! 

 The mixed them!!
Those stripes are just the best! 
Yellow, love it mixed with that glorious hot pink!

Nothing like yellow sunflowers adorning a tablescape! 
Oh my, that scrumptious looking loaf of bread reminds me of the very few times 
I would bake "homemade bread!" 

I'm crazy about the pattern in that comfy looking chair. 
Minus the fruit in the pattern-
Ottomans are just the best!
 Isn't this a dream?
I enjoy decorating our beach home. In my dreams.
Love the crisp look of blue and white~
Awesome trunk too.

 Cozy outdoor space...
Great patterns on that sofa!
Sunflowers make any space look inviting~

 Is this not the sweetest room you've ever seen?
Soft pink and green...
Love the stripes and polka dots...sweet roses.

 Okay, I'm all over those plates! 
That's about to happen in my blue and white guest bedroom.
Just have to start collecting blue and white plates!
Love that chair, pattern is wonderful with the touches of yellow.
Yellow walls. Check!

I can't choose a favorite space, love them all! 

Have a great week! 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Fills My Heart To The Top~

It's this place that fills my heart to the top! 

The Ranch~

Family times
Mom and Dad 
The cattle
The horses
The brilliant skies
A sunrise
A sunset
Happy grandchildren!!!

So many blessings~

This place gives me unimaginable peace.

Do you have a place that fills your heart up to the top and where you find total peace?

More to come in my 
Ranch Series!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

This and That~ And Wow- Kicking Up My Heels~

THIS is the heart is back to normal! 
(Well, I suppose it's my normal and maybe not normal, normal, like your normal. But the new normal for me!)
Did that make even make sense?

THAT means my pacer and defibrillator are working properly! 

WOW, I'm kicking up my heels! 
And really kicking them up at PT! It's coming right along! :)

So, I'm going to continue to keep working on getting my heart stronger and healthier! 

I can do this! 


Hope everyone had a good weekend! 

We watched a great Aggie win on Saturday night!

And the greatest time was Sunday afternoon, our daughter and sweet family were over for some fun!

Did I mention the youngest grands were over for some fun on Sunday?

They are quite the entertainers! Inside and out!

Oh my, who showed up??

Something big is about to happen!
They are in the planning stage~

Some shots of this cutie pie!

She's right in front of me and hamming it up too! 
Love it!

Love that smile!

Oh. I'm laughing so hard at this girl! 
She's hamming it up again!

Oh my!  This is why my heart is getting better!
Laughter is healing!

Imagine, no noodles in my day! But would have loved them!

Happy Boy!

Here it comes, watch his boat!!!
No, not a motorboat!
So you have plenty of time!

What a character!

She just cracks me up!

Still happy....always!!!

Love these kids! 
Aren't grandchildren a hoot?

Here's their Mommy and Daddy!

Happy day to all~

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Can't Take My Eyes Off Of This Guy!!!

Oh the joy!!! 

Oh, how I love to see a cardinal in our yard!

can't take my eyes off this little guy! He's really so beautiful, I mean handsome! 

Finicky guy! Been around Fred toooo long.

Another beautiful thing about them, their sweet whistles!

Nothing like hearing one of the first sounds of a morning! 

Have you ever noticed that they usually sit hunched over with their tails pointed down?

Love this shot! 
Male cardinals are such a brilliant red! Look at his a reddish bill and black face immediately around the bill. Looks like a circle around his nose! 
No not Zorro! He thinks so.

 Knows I'm looking at him! Thinks he's invisible! Has to get ready. Too cute~

 Now look at this proud cardinal!
Posing and belting out a beautiful song!
Yes, yes, handsome boy, I got the shot!
Thinks he's modeling for a bird magazine shoot~
You watch!

Now this little guy, smart as a whip! 
Low is good.
YES, birdseed on the ground! 
Fred has been around! 

Oh Fred!!! 
We are on our 4th bird feeder now! Fred know's how to break into them! 
Seriously, Fred is one lucky guy! 
If he weren't so cute, I'd shoo him away!

It's fun to eat upside down and hanging on for dear life! 
Oh Fred...
You Bird Feeder Hugger!