Monday, August 31, 2015

Domestically Speaking....Ahem...

Thinking about this now...

Was it Domestic Art, Domestic Science, House Crafts or just Sewing?

At times I felt domestic and yes, of course an artist!

Then I'd feel like it was a blasted science. I'm not fond of reading patterns. 

House craft, yes! I was home bound. Except for the drives to and from JoAnn's fabric store. 

Here's the deal, I'm not really good at sewing, but I love it! 

Isn't that a shame?? Sad situation. Okay, have you heard of pillowcase dresses? Seem up one side of folded fabric, make a hem, turn down top and add ribbon. 

Why was that difficult for me?

Let me tell you about a few issues....

1. My machine. Not me, the machine. 
2. My eyes. Not machine. 
3. Bobbin spins out of control and knots up.
4. Can't see to thread. 
5. Get out magnifier. Hold under chin. 
6. Chair is too low. Add pillow.
7. Sun shining in and too much glare.
8. All set. 
9. Start to cut fabric. Scissors are not sharp. 
10. Go downstairs look for new ones that I tucked away.
11. Start again.
12. Sew up one side. 
13. Press and admire. 
14. Oh joy, wrong side seamed up. 
15. Find seam ripper.
16. It breaks.
17. I forget it. 
18. Start with new fabric.
19. Look online at tutorial again...sigh
20. Note to self, always buy enough fabric. Be prepared.
21. Horrors now bias tape.
22, Kiss bias tape woes goodbye, Back to tutorial. 
23. Two days later and not two hours..
24. Two dresses are made.
25. I go back for more fun.
26 Make two more. 
27. Granddaughter's have pillow case dresses now. 
28. Inside label. Do not wash. 

Now, I can say I may sew again. I did get enough material to make some skirts. No bias tape. Only elastic. 

One thing I can say is that my office that doubles as a sewing room was perfect. I could close the door and sew away! 

I'm off to knit as soon as I finish the skirts. 
However, I don't knit unless it's cold outside. 
When it does cool down...
I'll be ready with this nifty book!

Storey Publishing-Stitch'n B*tch The Knitters Handbook

Yes, I bought the book. 

For right now, sun is coming up and while it's pleasant...
I'll go hold a water hose and enjoy the blooming flowers! 
I'll have my camera in my back pocket, always ready for special shots of something that has survived! 
With the Heat, Fred and Pete...
Tough out there.
I don't have a green thumb either! 
Watch me hold a garden hose, impressive!!
I can shoot across the entire yard and hit the very plant I want to water. 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

FRED....Now Pete?

Well, wouldn't you know???

Old Fred has a friend! 

Another chomper and menace! 

 Look at this little guy Pete! 
Looks full and in trouble, right? 

I didn't do it! 
I didn't do it! 
 She's not watching...
Oh. what did I do? 
She'll get over it! 
She thinks I'm the cutest thing and even cuter than Fred! 
Well, Fred was trying to humor me. Fred is nice at times. 
Always has to eat first, rude. 
Squirrels, who says they should go first? 
Birds already have that down. 
They are so uncharitable. 

 That was mouthwatering.
So many new tempting treats! 
Wish she would bring me some savory carrots.

 Jeepers! There she is. 
She can't see me, I know it. 
No binoculars in her hand.
Weird habit...

 She'll have them in a second, that crazy lady always has them! 
When she's not watching Fred, she's watching the birds. 
Now, it's me again! 
She really likes me and then she does not. 
I don't get her at all...
When she has her coffee out here she is lovely. Then the binoculars come out.

 I'll make my move and she won't notice. 
She's a bit slow with her binoculars and now she has her camera! 
Why does she love me so much? 
I just dart back and forth and chomp on her delicious flowers! 
Funny, I wonder why she loves me one day and then whistles like a crazy woman when I'm just eating a little...
 I know she knows I knocked it over! 
Now she has "him" watching me too! 
He's not too fond of me. 
I eat the bird food he puts out for "his birds!"
Oh well, I can't help's the best ever! 
The house next door has the bad stuff. 

Did I tell you Fred broke the bird feeder? 

Thank the good wabbit! 
They are gone! 
They are off to watch that box in know, they can't hear!

Ahhh. for now, serenity.
I can now finish this scrumptious begonia! I like them roasted, this heat is perfect. 
Crispy little things.

Oh and no worries peeps, she goes to Home Depo daily! Always comes back with more treats.
Think she owns stock...
Crazy lady~ 
one day she loves me.....really.
Then, one day, not so much!
Thank goodness the crazy lady doesn't stew over this too long! 
I'll tell you more about the crazy come back soon! 
Hope I'm here!

Good Fences~

Saturday's Critters~

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Artist... Of course~

Since I've had my share of time down time, the mind wonders so much! I'll take you there!

Do you like to paint? If so, please share!

Oh my heavens, coloring, love it. And now, who knew, adult color books!

Do you ever put your artist face on?

I've always liked to paint.

I like painting small things, like cards and maybe some day, I'll venture out and get a bigger canvas!

My mom is a wonderful artist, I'd give anything if I had just a tad bit of her talent!

I fancy flowers fresh or painted

I have a number of painting books to show me how to create these lovely obsessions, do I have one painting to show for it? No! I may one day! I think lessons may be in order!

Aren't these beautiful??

Which one is your favorite?

Flowers 4 - medium: watercolor


Maybe I'll try my hand at one of these one day!
Of course~

Joining Inspire Me Tuesday~

Have a great week!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Heart Of The Matter~

Well, it's been 6 weeks since my heart was worked on and I'm feeling much better!

I'm to start PT tomorrow for CHF at the hospital for six weeks.  I'd like to just call it working out at the gym! I'm ready!!

Okay, my Internist says that as soon as I get the go ahead to start really working out he'd like me to join a gym, join an aerolics class and lift weights! None of this walking stuff, you know the kind while walking you are totally involved in looking at your neighbors flowers the entire time! I really do that, do you? Love it! But not very aerobic!

Anyhow, I'd like to mention this book he said I must have.


I immediately headed over to Barnes and Noble and oh my, it's awesome. I've not put it down! So many things are explained in just a different way. It made sense.  Humm....change my life, sounds great to me. I can do this!

So for now, that's the heart of the matter!

Have a great day!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

My Sling Is Gone and My Heart Is Pacing Away!

Good Morning to all! 

I can type now, meaning there's no pain when I lift my arm and I've pitched that harness I had to wear. You know, for some reason I talk with my hands and I had to have my arm in a sling. You know protection from ourselves is quite times. 

It's been 4 weeks since my surgery and I've got two more weeks to take it easy...I have watched nature and TV like never before! I was given the go ahead to water my potted plants, thank goodness! I was watching Mr. Notes the other day while he was watering my plants. Get this, he was standing and spraying the leaves and from quite a distance for a few seconds. Bless his heart, he was trying his best, but the plants are much happier that I'm back and they are really getting a good soaking down by the roots! Mr. Notes is much better at grilling. 

I always have my camera and binoculars near by sitting on the breakfast bar by the back door. Yes, I'm a nature fanatic and watcher. Okay, our breakfast and family room has a birds eye view of all that nature offers and then some! Each day there are a number of squirrels that run all over the place, up and down trees, they jump on fences and chase one another and I just happen to love watching them!

I'm sharing this post today with our friend Tex for her weekly "Good Fences" Okay, I've got a fence and a delightful little squirrel.

Well, this particular little squirrel is a very determined little guy. I call him Fred.  Fred is the leader of the squirrel gang, yes, the leader of the pack. He's a pest. He's a bird tormentor and he's cute. Shhh, he really does like his bird friends and the feelings are mutual. Yes, of course I will say, Fred is a pain in the neck! Fred's favorite thing to do is annoy the birds while they are eating! And mind you, it's their seed. Fred's food is at his place, you know, theirs does taste better. 

Well, oh Fred almost was in a pickle the other afternoon. Picture him precariously on the side of the bird feeder, trying his best at balancing on the edge. He flies in and birds fly out! Fred finally gets it, his feathered friends aren't having it anymore! No more sharing. Poor Fred. It's a sight to see especially when a nice size bird comes in and lunges into Fred's tail and knocks him off the edge of the feeder! 

Paybacks. Now Fred is really miffed. Now, we do know Fred is a champ at balancing since his gymnastic skills are practiced daily! Fred is not about to give up after the embarrassment of being knocked off! And in front of his squirrel friends?? Horrors.

We know Fred is nervy and a determined one and has great balance and I a good number of skills! 

Watch Fred. 


He's starting off now with a short prayer. 

Help me, I can do this.

 Oh Fred has quite an effective grip! 

Bird seed eaten from a fixed upside down position- much tastier! 

Tail reinforcement always works for Fred.

Genius Fred. 
  Eats with both hands, fast means more and that's a good thing.

 Oh no, Fred's in stressful situation. 
The wise and now cranky birds, are flying around.
They think Fred is a little light upstairs, you know, 
half witted and simply put, 
A dumb squirrel. 

Fred knows it's time to act and now! 

Fred is now hugging the daylights out of the side of the feeder with one foot. He's masterfully pushing the very top open with the other foot and of course, all the while still chomping on some dinner while hanging on with his hands...
Determination has hit! 

Now I'm really into this! The bird feeder is rocking back and forth. His adventure....

If Fred can just get in there!

Oh my heavens!
He's about to head in to the Bird Feeder! 
He's thinking...
Relief, dinner in peace! 
No one can see him now! 
He's in and covered! 


 I grown quite fond of Fred. I may have some more nature tales 
during my last few weeks of resting!

Joining Good Fences!

Wishing you all a wonderful day and weekend!