Monday, May 31, 2010

In Remembrance

Memorial Day 2010

A day for giving thanks for those who made the ultimate sacrifice and to those who fought for our country, past and present.

Today, I remember my father for his service to our great country, I remember him with great pride.


 My father fought in WWII and was blessed to come home. He never lost sight of all those that fought along side him and did not come home. When he spoke of the war, it was always with deep emotion and pride.

 He volunteered for the service in U.S. Army December 8, 1941. He  was sent to Camp Roberts in the Salinas Valley in San Bernardino, California for infantry training and transferred to U.S. Army Signal Corps., in Sacramento, California. He attended Signal Corps Officer Candidate School in Monmouth, New Jersey and graduated top his class. He was then sent to Camp Crowder, WWII Signal Corps Training Camp in Missouri. He  was assigned to Unit 3101 Signal Service Battalion, Message Center Officer and was sent to China Burma and India Theater, by way of Australia on Troop Ship U.S. S. General McRae. The General J. H. McRae departed Long Beach 11 January 1945 for India via Melbourne, Australia, and reached Calcutta 20 February, 1945. As Communications Officer, he served as Ship Officer and Top Secret Officer. He arrived in Calcutta with his Unit and then he was sent to Burma Road, and served in Yunnanyi, China as Message Center Officer. He was in charge of top secret codes for all of China Theater. He Decoded  the FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, “Top Secret Message”, "To all Theater Chaplains, Prepare for Prayers of Thanksgiving for Immediate End of War due to use of Cataclysmic Weapon.”  By Order of President Harry S. Truman, George C. Marshall, War Chief of Staff, Washington, DC, decoded by LT. Frank R. Nye, Jr. 3101 Sig. Bn. The "Atomic Bomb" dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki three days later. 

 My father was in command of the last convoy out of Burma Road . His orders, when he reached China Burma border, were  cut 3 spans of wire on north side and 3 lines of wire on South side . His orders when he got to the other border were to cut all spans of wire, cut out all communication to the Burma India Border. He was then sent back from China to New Delhi, India, Theater headquarters. Stayed there until he was transferred to China Theater Headquarters in Shanghai,China. He left Shanghai when his time was up and landed in Fairfield-Sorinson Airbase in California. Shortly after, he headed back home to Texas. He was a Fighten'Texas Aggie, Class of 44'graduate and received his law degree from the University of Texas Law School. He practiced law until a few years before he passed away, he was quite a man, loved his country with a passion.



GoGod bless all who are still fighting to keep us free. 

God bless all of the families that have lost loved ones, I thank you for the service your loved one gave to our wonderful country, I thank you for your sacrifice. 

God Bless the USA!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Special Day!

Happy Birthday Cari!!
Oh my, what an incredible day it was the day you were born! That day God gave me the most precious gift, a baby we named 
Cari Jean~
You are such a wonderful person, so giving, so loving, someone who cares, who encourages and one who on a daily basis lifts people up!  As your Mom,  I think your birthday should be a holiday!! You are a special treasure for all that you have done, you are an amazing woman and I am so proud of you!
I wish you the happiest of birthdays,
and many, many more,
Happy Birthday sweet and precious daughter of mine!
I love you!

Friday, May 28, 2010

How Can It Be?

Last night we attended our oldest granddaughter's Middle School Graduation Ceremony, it was so special. Oh my, listening to Pomp and Circumstance, to say it was stirring, an understatement. I was sitting there and not believing that our granddaughter was graduating from middle school, the biggest jolt,  oh my, that means she is going to high school this fall! (I can't believe it, where has the time gone?) (Goodness, then college, oh, oh, no, not going there!)

How can it be? 

How can it be that this sweet little baby, the one that I would rock to sleep, is a teenager now and is going into high school. Seems like our own kids were just there! (Ahem, the mind can sure play tricks on us!) 

How can it be that this cute little one, the one that sat on the front steps one evening and while we were gazing up at the stars, " Nana, look up, that's a crescent moon!" Oh, so smart for her age, she could not have been two! (Grandchildren are brilliant!)

How can it be that this little one, the one that would run up, jump in my arms, hug my neck so tight, giggle and tell me a knock knock joke, oh, she was barely four, what sense of humor, and now she is going into high school!

How can it be that this little one, the one that would just in my lap, quickly mention, oh Nana, what a pretty purse!",  just so sweet, and now she is going into high school!!

How can it be that this little girl that loved to play restaurant, truly loved pretending, loved playing dress up, great little actress, is going into high school?
How can it be that this little one, the one I bounced on my knew, pushed on a swing, strolled around for hours on end, how can it be that she is going into high school?? (I have 14 years of  this...won't go on, but could!)  

How can it be?

Nana will get over it.. 

The Senior Pastor had a great message last night that he took from the words of this song, one we all remember!

Oh, be careful little eyes, what you see.
Oh, be careful little eyes, what you see.
There's a Father up above, looking down in tender love,
So be careful little eyes, what you see.
Be careful little ears what you hear
Be careful little mouth what you say...
Be careful little hands, what you touch...
Be careful little feet, where you go...
Oh be careful...

His message was profound, you could hear a pin drop. 

Great message Rev. Ferguson, Nana approved.

 Taylor is second from the right.
 Me, Taylor and her Mom, our daughter.
Congratulations Taylor!
I love you,


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cutest Little Sisters....My Granddaughters

Just wanted to share this with you today.
My daughter has a blog about her sweet little family, and she posted this about her daughters yesterday. I asked if I could share it on my blog. No problem! 
 ( I did add a few more pictures!)


They love to play with their baby dolls.
The other day the dolls were taken on a pretend trip, a picnic, and then put down for a nap.
All while Garrett and I were in the other room.
I loved eaves dropping on their pretend world.
I loved hearing this after a bang...
Reagan:  Sissy, help me!
Ellie:  Reagan, are you okay?
I hope the summer brings lots more of this.
(not the bang part, but I know that's inevitable)

Today we went to a park with an amazing playground.
It was hard to push a stroller on wood chips and keep up with the girls.
Next time Garrett's going in the Baby Bjorn carrier.
Ellie was an amazing big sister and helped Reagan through all the tunnels and pathways.
They had a blast.
I hope the summer brings lots more of this as well.

Precious little sisters!
Oh my, just way too cute!

Did I mention that they are all about pink? 


 Big sisters all are about blue too and have been for about four months!

They are crazy about their baby brother!
He's a cutie pie! 
Smiling, laughing, cooing and babbling!
What's not to love! 

(If you scroll on down to some older posts, you'll see our other three grandchildren! Six in all now, what a blessing!


Of course, I like to look at pictures really big, so click on them to get a better view~

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Southern Hospitality

Hospitality comes from the heart! It's giving of oneself. I love to open my home and create a warm and welcoming spot for my family and friends to completely feel at ease. My party today is for three, a birthday lunch.  


Crab Cakes
Roasted Asparagus
Fresh Fruit Compote
Chocolate Delights
Special Fruit Tea

Mikasa Fine China
Flatware from Pottery Barn
Glassware from Crate and Barrel
 Placemats from William Sonoma
Napkins from Bed Bath and Beyond
Silk Flowers from Michaels 
Fresh Flowers, of course for lunch!

Today I am joining Marty for Tuesday Tablescapes.

Join in on the fun!


Monday, May 24, 2010

"ALL" About Shoes

 Shoes, Shoes Shoes...I am just crazy about them!
Anyone out there like me?
What a strange power there is in shoes! 

I'd rather buy a pair of shoes than anything else!

What is it about them?

Well,I love to shop for them, I love the "pleasure" of buying shoes! I would rather have a new pair of shoes than a new outfit.  

I just bought two new pair this past weekend and I thought, why not blog about shoes...and boots!

No, there's not a blogging party for shoes,however, if you would like to show off your shoes too, let's have a shoe party sometime. You know, it could be fun!

I'll be showing you "some" new ones and some of my favorite and worn ones, oh and some boots. Next time, I'll show you more of my high heels. No, I don't own a pair of stilettos.  

Okay, I'll be sharing quite a bit of information about shoes too...see below. 

Oh my, I did not take a picture of my flip flops or Merrills that I pretty much wear daily, oh you would not want to see them!
Have to say, if you have not owned a pair of Merrills, it's a must.

 New Wedge shoes

New black sandals

    So, what is it about shoes and boots? 

     (shh...there's more, but think this is enough to show you, I have to say, I come by this passion for shoes honestly, my mom is the same way! Don't ask about our passion for purses!!) 
    Okay, just for kicks, here's some updated information about shoes~

     The Ankle Strap Shoe

    • An ankle strap shoe has a single or multiple strap that fastens around the ankle. Straps can also include laces, ribbons and other material which wrap around the lower part of the leg, as in a Bondage sandal.

    The Ballet Flat

    • Short for ballerina flats and inspired by ballet shoes, this versatile footwear has become a wardrobe staple for women of all shapes and sizes. A Ballet Flat is a flat-heeled, enclosed shoe (pump), almost like a slipper. These shoes are easy to slip on as they are low-cut and leave the top of the foot exposed.
    • Nowadays ballet flats are made from all sorts of materials and come in many different designs and toe shapes, although the traditional shoe has a rounded toe. Embellished ballet flats are a recent trend, with beads, jewels, fringes and flowers, which make them suitable for evening wear too.
    The French Heel
    • Many women wear these but do not necessarily know their name. Shoes with a French heel are of medium height and the shape of the heel is curved, somewhat chunkier than a Kitten heel.
    • A French (or Louis) heel was influenced King Louis XIV of France who had high-heel shoes especially designed for him in order to increase the height of his 5ft 3 inch frame.
    The Kitten Heel
    • Kitten heels by definition have a thin-based, “low heel that tapers sharply to a narrow base,” according to from their glossary of “Shoe Design and Footwear Definitions.” A kitten heel is usually 1.5 inches or less and is set in slightly from the back of the shoe.
    • These cute, very feminine shoes are an alternative to ballet flats for those who are vertically challenged. Kitten heels combine comfort with a little bit of extra height and the dainty heel goes well with most outfits.
    The Mary Jane
    • A Mary Jane shoe takes you back to your school days, as it is styled after the single cross strap, round-toed, low heeled shoe that children often wore to school.
    • Nowadays Mary Janes come in varying heights and styles, but what is distinctive about them is their rounded toe and the single or double strap that crosses the middle top of the foot.
    The Mule
    • A mule is a slip on, backless shoe which comes in various heights and different shaped heels. The front of the toe is covered, as in a normal shoe, but the back is open.

    The Pump

    • The pump has become almost a generic word for shoe but officially relates to a low-cut shoe that surrounds the foot without fastenings, says
    • A d'Orsay style pump shoe has the back of the shoe cut away to reveal the arches and sides of the foot.
    The Peep-Toe Shoe
    • A peep-toe shoe has an opening at the tip of the toes that shows part of the toes but not the whole toe line. The opening is usually small and is rounded or wedge shaped.

    The Platform Shoe

    • This refers to the sole of the shoe and not the heel. Platform shoes are thick soles sitting under the front part of the foot and are often combined with wedges (as in the 70s), chunky heels or stilettos. If they are combined with a wedge heel, they are referred to as a Platform Wedge.

    The Sandal

    • Worn as daytime or evening wear, sandals are shoes with open toes and backs and have single or multiple straps for fastening.
    • Sandal designs vary greatly depending on the type and material of straps and the height of heels. Bondage sandals have material straps that wind right up the leg, as in the days of Roman slaves.
    The Sling-Back
    • Sling backs are a cross between a Mule and a full shoe. Instead of a closed back they have a strap which connects the sides and back to the front of the shoe.
    • Sling-back shoes can be any height and have open toes or a fully closed front.
    The Stacked Heel
    • Stacked heels have re-emerged as a popular fashion style and refer to what appears to be thin layers of wood that as stacked to create a wedge, flat or high heel.

    The Stiletto Heel

    • Stilettos (or Spiked Heels) refer to the type of high heel, which is pointy and thin. These slender, very feminine heels can be as high as 6 inches and designers such as Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo have made their name selling sexy skyscraper heels.

    The T-Bar Shoe

    • A full shoe similar to a Mary Jane except the strap is in the shape of a "T" across the front of the foot.

    The Wedge Heel

    • A wedge is based on the same shape as a triangular door-stop. The heel extends from the back of the shoe to right under the foot, running in a wedge shape from back to front.Not all wedges have high heels. Some are low to medium height. wedge shoes are easier to walk on than stilettos but will still flatter the feet and legs, giving you the necessary height.

    Read more:

    Now wasn't that informative? 

    I had fun, hope you enjoyed the shoe party too!

    A splendid week to all!


    Saturday, May 22, 2010

    Great Heritage Home Tour

    I had a great day yesterday!!!

    The Heritage Society of Austin  held the "Livin’ in River City”  18th Heritage Homes Tour this weekend and I have to tell you that it was just incredible!

    This year’s tour explored homes on the Lake in West Austin!  The exciting thing about this tour is that three of the homes were on the same street, Scenic Drive, which is where my aunt,  my mom's sister and my uncle lived for many years.  We would visit Austin so very often when I was growing up,  I learned to ski there and truly fell in love with the lake and Austin.  Having spent a lot of time there, as a kid, I was thrilled to see these homes on the tour.  One home was just two doors up from my aunt's home and I got to meet and visit with her old neighbor today, what a treat!  I had always wanted to go in that home on the corner of Scenic Drive and I finally did!

    I was told today that one of the homes on the tour was rented by Sandra Bullock when she was in Austin filming Hope Floats and one of the homes was where Robert Redford spent his summers growing up.

     Will share some pictures that I found online on the Heritage Site, you must go there and take a look! Go to their site and click on each photograph and you can see them in a much bigger scale.

    Featured Homes

    2008 Scenic Drive

    2105 Scenic Drive

    2102 Scenic Drive

    2900 Tarry Trail

    2528 Tanglewood Trail

    2101 Schulle

    By the way, I got to Austin! I knew one day I wanted to move here, I did!
    It's been our home for many years.
    I love Austin!

    Have a great day!

    Friday, May 21, 2010

    Faithful Flowers!

    I am so thrilled this morning! As I was taking a walk around my yard, there are little blooming plants that I truly thought were not going to make it! They showed me!! Aww...the faithful little beauties! My little beauties have to thrive since I give them minimal care, oh I do fertilize them, but they are truly the kind of plants that  don't require me talking to them much!

    They are simply beautiful! Let me share a few photographs with you. Oh, before I forget, I did plant some basil seeds and one has come up! I neglected then while I was away and one little faithful leaf showed up this morning, it's just awesome!

    My first basil plant!

    A few petunia blooms! 

    Faithful Lantana...takes the Texas heat so well.

    Poor plant, can't remember it's name!
    Want to take a guess?
    My dear son just emailed to let me know that it is a pinta!
    Thank you sweetie!

     Society Garlic
    Crape Myrtle Tree, can't wait for it to bloom!

     Purple Lantana

    Love this and it is a grass of some sort, I'll be looking it up to find it's name.

    This little jewel just came up, I did not plant it, isn't it pretty?

    Join in on the fun!