Monday, February 11, 2019

Me, George and Martha~ An Historical Event!

When February comes around so do amazing, incredible 
and exciting memories come to my mind. 

 Years ago I was honored with an invitation to be presented by the Society of Martha Washington at their Colonial Pageant and Ball here in Texas. 
This event is held yearly to celebrate the birthday of President George Washington.  I was one of the young ladies along with our escorts to participate in an elaborate presentation that is 
both historical and awe-inspiring. 

Sitting on a float during the was freezing that day!

I get misty eyed when I see this picture, oh my!

I am standing right below and left of President George Washington!

The society chooses two prominent members of Laredo's society to portray President George and Martha Dandridge Washington
The debutantes that are presented every year as well as their escorts, either have family in the Society or are invited as guests. The participants portray contemporaries based on the story line, which changes every year, that come out to honor the President and his First Lady.[6]
My grandmother was one of the very first young ladies to be presented. 

Yes, the quality of the photographs are not great...
ahem, you know- think that means 
I'm vintage- 


  1. That would be exciting to participate, you look wonderful in that gown. I have an exact full size replica of the sword George Washington wore at his inauguration, made by the same company that made the original sword. It is a work of art, like your gown.

  2. Cool!

    The hair is MAGNIFICENT, I must say.

  3. You look stunning and how proud your wonderful parents were of you!
    I hope your sweet granddaughters have seen these precious photos!

  4. Wow, you look gorgeous. The hair and dress!! Exceptional! What great memories these must be for you.

  5. What a memorable event, Nancy. You look wonderful in these pictures. And wow, your grandmother participated in this historical event. It's so nice that you're following in her footsteps. Love the puffy dresses and hairdos back then. : )


  6. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! A special event to treasure all your life and share with your grandkids! I hope you have a great weekend- xo Diana

  7. Nancy, you looked so beautiful in that period dress! What a honor and exciting experience for you. George Washington has always been my favorite President. I've read may biographies about him and followed the path he took in Brooklyn, NY, when I lived there. Many do not know that the very first battle of the American Revolution took place in Brooklyn. I also blogged about his very touching "Farewell to the Troops" speech that took place in the still standing Fraunces Tavern in Manhattan. There is a charming little museum upstairs in the tavern devoted to GW.

  8. How fun Nancy. You looked so beautiful. What wonderful memories.

  9. Oh my! Gorgeous. You look so beautiful. What a wonderful event and so special in so many ways. What a beautiful memory to have!

  10. OH HONEY, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! What a great memory! Have a blessed day dear Nancy, HUGS!

  11. Oh my mercy! Look at you! Beautiful picture and that dress....Oh I would have felt like the Belle of the ball. How precious Nancy. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  12. Nancy, what an honor and you looked beautiful in that gown. Good memories. The best I ever did was being dressed like a bride Story-Book doll in a fashion show at Santa's Village when I worked there at age 17..Happy V Day..Judy

  13. Oh Nancy, that dress is truly amazing! And you look incredibly beautiful, my friend. What an honor and blessing.

    Hugs to you!

  14. GORGEOUS.... You look so beautiful and that dress is outstanding....Such wonderful memorabilia..Thank You for sharing... Happy Valentine's Day...xoxoxo

  15. Wow! Your dress is fabulous! Did you have it made for you? What is the design on the back of the dress? a ship? Thanks for reminding me about President's Day coming a days it kind of gets lost in Valentine's Day.

  16. Awesome pics Mom. You've always been a beauty!

  17. Fun to see these photos, Nancy. Great memories!


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