Thursday, February 14, 2019

Vintage Keepsakes...and MORE!!

Well, I've been up for hours, don't ask! Well, okay, it goes like this. 

He was up at 2:00 am and so that meant I heard him and I woke up. I also saw that little light that shines when you get out of bed! The under the bed lights that light up when you get up and even when you hang your leg off the bed! Anyhow, I went back to sleep and was sleeping soundly and dreaming of decorating the beach house. A good dream interrupted when he came back to bed at 4:00 am.  That meant I woke up again and could not go back to sleep. Tossed and turned. 
Do you all know what I mean, it' happens! 
He is not quiet as a mouse. 
Bull in china closet, you know? 
God love him, he really tries hard to be so quiet!
Anyhow, by this afternoon I'll be dragging myself around unless I get a nap in. That's not in the cards. I'm busy this morning with gathering tax stuff and then I do have a hair appointment at 11:00. Oh, that gray is coming in faster and faster. His looks like silver, mine drab. Anyway, I will have them add a few highlights too. Something that'll turn people's eyes away from my moon face! 

That #$*^%$% prednisone, grrrr! 
But, I must not complain, it's working! 
It's the little things I must be thankful for. 

So, since I got up so early this morning and I really needed a cup of coffee, that Keurig is fast. Love it. So, laptop in my lap and quiet, it's dark and outside, really nice. 
So I start reading blogs. 
You know, you bloggers, you are the best! You blog about wonderful things in your life and you join in on great parties, you take the best photographs ever, you soothe hurting hearts and you pray for healing. Oh my heavens, you are the sweetest group of people ever. I'm blessed to know each one of you. 

The other day I had fun taking some photographs of some of my favorite things. might know that I'm a big collector of many things! 
I collect little pitchers, little boxes, little figurines, china plates, little tea sets and crystal and silver! 
I'm a mess, I just keep collecting! 
Makes me smile and my heart happy~
 I think I'll just continue. 

One of my very favorite things to collect are little teacups and saucers. And if they are adorned with flowers, they are bought and out the door with me!

I will just share a few today. 

Don't you just love them? Aren't they the prettiest ever? 

OH my, it just hit me, it's a special day today!



  1. Good morning, Nancy! Alas, I have too many nights like yours. I am up two, oftentimes three times a night. Every night. I can't remember the last time I slept through the whole night and I seldom remember a dream I've had. Probably because I'm so groggy from lack of sleep but I somehow manage to get through the day. Your teacups are all very sweet; each one a little work of art. The heart shaped one would be perfect for today. Happy Valentines Day, Nancy, and hope it's beautiful!

  2. Hello, I can relate to your sleepless nights. I am a light sleeper, some nights I feel like I do not sleep at all. I love your collection of tea cups, the heart one is my favorite. I love my Keurig too. Thanks so much for the nice comment and visit. Happy Valentine's Day. I hope your day is great.

  3. I know EXACTLY what you mean:) I sleep with earplugs and I still hear my "Bull in a china shop" when he gets up! I love him anyway and have learned to DEAL with the loss of sleep. Your teacups and saucers are beautiful. I bet you will take some of your pretties to the beach house:) I am jealous, have I said that yet:) WINK. I love you too and so happy we are friends, HUGS!

  4. I read some of your post to my husband...he has to take Prednisone now too. He is in way too much pain if he doesn't! They are weaning him with less dosage now. Anyway, I LOVE your pretty tea cups. I showed a glimpse of some of mine today too. I love the old fashioned cups and saucers! You have some real treasures! Happy Valentine's day my friend!

  5. I feel your prednisone soul. But it does help and that's what counts.

    Love your sweet cups, especially that first chintz one. Oh, I love chintz!

    I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's day (and maybe can sneak in a nap!)

  6. We should talk at 4 am since we are usually both up!
    You have wonderful collections😊

  7. That third one, heart shaped...wishing it was sitting here, beside ME!! Loving that one. I can empathize with you on waking up & not able to get back to sleep.

    Oh, and by the're pretty darned special to US!!!

  8. You have a nice collection of tea cups, Nancy. I especially like the one with the Purple flowers and gold rim, it's gorgeous. I also collect tea cups, but I'm pretty picky on the ones I buy. I hope you get the rest that you need, and so sorry you had such a restless night.

    Happy Valentine's Day.


  9. Hi Nancy, so enjoyed this read, I too have many sleepless nights, sometimes I think it is because I think I might miss something.
    I too am a collector of quite a few things, it seems I will collect and collect a certain item, and after a while I go on to something else.~wink. Your tea cups and saucers are so pretty, the heart shaped really caught my eye.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for such a sweet comment. I am looking forward to getting to know you!

  10. Such a pretty collection! I hope you used the heart-shaped set to drink your coffee today!

  11. Love your teacups, Nancy! I am slowly parting with some of my collections. It's hard because I thought that someday some of my kids might want some of these "things". LOL- That is mostly a , "No Thanks, Mom!" lol

    I hope you have a great weekend! xo Diana

  12. I am like that too when I hear Terry up it wakes me and then I cannot get back to sleep I love the tea cups. So pretty.
    Have a good weekend.

  13. Nancy,
    I agree, bloggers are "The Best"!
    That heart shaped cup and saucer are darling!
    Keep those early hour blog post coming. . .they're amazing!

  14. Happy Valentines Day Nancy ... Yes I get up in the middle of the night too ..usually after two hours I'm able to back to sleep... I just have to stop thinking ( ha Ha) What a sweet collection of vintage teasets... Love that little heart shaped set ..It's so unique ...Who could part with them?... Just ENJOY them!!!...Hugs

  15. Pretty tea cups! Yes, I can relate. My guy is up and down most nights. Ha! Ha! It's not easy growing old, but as long as we grow old together, I can handle it.

  16. I can’t remember how many times I’ve been awake like that and have ended up doing the same things. You have some very pretty tea cup patterns! The heart shaped saucer is so sweet- I don’t think I’ve ever seen one!

  17. Oh that heart shaped cup is absolutely fabulous. Have a wonderful weekend!

  18. Hello Nancy, I can relate to being up and not able to go back to sleep. My hubby is not as quiet as I am. I am a light sleeper. Your tea cup collections are lovely. Happy Sunday. Feel free to share them today at Dishing It & Digging Link Party on my blog.


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